Dragonlance Free Monstrous Compendium Volume II Includes Dragon Highlord Verminaard

Over on D&D Beyond you can grab a copy of Dragonlance Creatures, the second digital official Monstrous Compendium volume. This volume includes entries from the original Dragonlance Chronicles storyline of the 1980s, such as Dragon Highlord Verminaard (at CR 17!) and his dragon, Ember, along with the Forest Master (the unicorn from Darken Wood) and others.

WotC did the same with Spelljammer, with Volume 1 of the Monstrous Compendium.



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What if I want them in the book, in print though?

I mean great, nice to have them push things on their digital platform, but...I dont want to use that.
Beggars can't be choosers, I guess. They're giving away free stuff. Complaining about the format seems a bit overly picky, to me. If you really want a physical version, do your best to convert them into a pdf and then print it out.

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Has anyone been able to access a pdf version of Vol. 2? I can't seem to find any links. I think it might have been on the Wizards Account page, but ever since the Wizards big website overhaul a few weeks ago that killed a bunch of classic MtG and D&D articles of years past, even the account page hasn't been working right for me…
I think the only thing left on the Wizards site are the Langoliers.



I totally understand not making them easy to be PDFs, but I'd like them also.
yes and no , it's not like I cannot find PDFs at all, I just cannot find official ones ;)

I am not convinced them selling PDFs would actually make much difference to how much stuff gets copied. Pretty much anyone else does already sell them (Paizo, Kobold Press, ...).

Quite so. More to the point, it's pretty hard to imagine how a party of ~7th level PCs are ever going to take on Verminaard.

This re-imagning of Verminaard as a CR17 boss is a difficult thing to make work in the classic DL campaign in terms of its power curve. I suppose there are other ways to approach that tale. I'd love to see WotC try.
Well a weakened Verm would be about right for a group of (5) 7th lvl PCs.

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