Dragonlance Free Monstrous Compendium Volume II Includes Dragon Highlord Verminaard

Over on D&D Beyond you can grab a copy of Dragonlance Creatures, the second digital official...

Over on D&D Beyond you can grab a copy of Dragonlance Creatures, the second digital official Monstrous Compendium volume. This volume includes entries from the original Dragonlance Chronicles storyline of the 1980s, such as Dragon Highlord Verminaard (at CR 17!) and his dragon, Ember, along with the Forest Master (the unicorn from Darken Wood) and others.

WotC did the same with Spelljammer, with Volume 1 of the Monstrous Compendium.




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Dire Bare

sigh Traag Draconians should not have wings. 😑 Irda also aren't just distantly related to ogres, they are ogres. I hate the horn. Otherwise, this is an incredibly cool freebie. I really hope they release it in PDF so I can use it offline.
They do now. Things change.

Personally, traag with or without wings is fine with me, and I think the new look for the irda, with horns, is pretty cool.

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What if I want them in the book, in print though?

I mean great, nice to have them push things on their digital platform, but...I dont want to use that.
I think the technical term as my father taught it to me is SOL.

Like it or not, it's WotC's content and they can distribute it however they want.

That said I would not be surprised if MC monsters were collected in a dead tree book with other new creatures after a few years.


Shirokinukatsukami fan
IDK, I didn't realize this was limited to Beyond.
Yeah, I thought that was R_J_K75's question...
Any idea where the freebies are located on D&D Beyond? I don't go there too much because I find it rather hard to find stuff, but I'd like to start checking back periodically. Is there a top page that lists all the free stuff you can browse?
A complete list of all the free stuff buried on WotC's various websites would be a lot more extensive. They tend not to delete content from their media server even when they delete the links!

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