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Free RPG Day 2011


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Anyone willing to pick me up a copy of "We Be Goblins!"? I'm not going to be able to get to my local non friendly gaming store. :D
Hey [MENTION=232]Crothian[/MENTION] I was able to snag a spare copy from my LGS. Send me a PM and we can arrange getting it to you. I don't think I have your address any longer.

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Got the D&D supplement and played in one of the two "We Be Goblins" tables running. The GM got the dice tower as well as a friends copy of "Goblins" and used the tower. Pretty nifty.


I don't suppose anyone has an extra dice tower with which they are willing to part? I can trade some none Free RPG stuff, or even do a special writeup for you. Let's talk!


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Does anyone know any details about the D&D adventure? I'm looking for:
-what level are the characters?
-will there be pregens?
-can I bring my own character?
-what are the restrictions?
-how does the adventure start (so one can build a compatible character)?

In case you didn't get to the store, the D&D offering for free RPG day was not an adventure. At least not in the normal sense. It's actually a supplement for the Shadowfell box set, detailing a new Domain of Dread.

To use the monster blocks in the book, you'd want a party in the very late heroic or very early paragon tiers (the "boss" is a 13 solo). It's actually a pretty cool book. I really need to pick up that Shadowfell box set soon.


I managed to pick up the "We Be Goblins" adventure and a snazzy d20. In the past I've tried to hit multiple stores and grab an item from each, but a local store wasn't participating this year and when I learned that, I decided to high speed it to GOB and hope they had a copy, which they did. Plus I was in a museum archive until 4 pm, so I got a late start.


For those that want a copy of We Be Goblins - it's free in pdf from tomorrow.

Anybody get a chance to play DCC RPG from Goodman Games?


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