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Free RPG Day 2011


Always In School Gamer
My FLGS, Guardian Games, had tons of games running all day yesterday.

I was scheduled to play 4e D&D and Call of Cthulhu with my wife in the afternoon but had to beg off the latter because the wife had a nasty headache.

My DM, Toby, made his own adventure for the day and we used the 1st level pregens from D&D Encounters Seasons 4 and 5.

Instead of meeting at the roadside tavern we had to explore and abandoned one looking for a friend who had gone missing... Our party of 5 nearly got through all three encounters great fun was had by all.

I saw a bunch of Pathfinder We Be Goblins tables being run (at least 4 during the day).

I was then back in the final hour to run my own 4e D&D scenario I wrote up 2 days before the event. After playing at Toby's table I made some quick adjustments to it so that it would play better in the 2 hour time constraint.

The scenario was "simple." deliver a message and a mcguffin to Hammerfast from the town of Duponde. Along the way they encounter a lone Vistani wagon under attack and during the battle the mcguffin is stolen, cue chase through the wilderness at night...

My table finished 2 combat encounters with a small skill challenge between them in about an hour and half (minions are a fast scenario's friend). I need to consolidate my notes and post it up.

I picked up the WotC Shadowfell suplement, We Be Goblins, and last year's Paizo FreeRPG offering. The last two will be going to a good friend that has been wanting to run an all goblin Pathfinder game, he is gonna love it.

All in all, a good day for gaming.

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First Post
unfortunately my FLGS isn't especially L at a 45 minute drive away. To make matters worse, apparently the Free RPG boxed set had a substantial price hike for fewer things than last year, so he opted out of participating. I guess last year a bunch of people came in, grabbed stuff, immediately walked out, and then never came back to the store again. Stupid freeloaders ruin everything :-(


Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
Looks lovely. Sadly, I cannot afford to purchase one. That is why I am trying to work out a trade. Might even offer a signed copy of Gaslight Victorian Fantasy for Savage Worlds. Seems I know one of the authors. :D

If you can convince the powers that be to shoot a few copies over to the next Chicago Gameday as prizes (and feel free to sign them, if you like ;) ) then I think I can spare the one I have for the ole curmudgeon. :D

*edit* Hmmm. No Savage Worlds going on this time. Maybe for the October Chicago Gameday if they/you would prefer they definitely go to Savaged players? Although I know of two or three regular Chicago Gameday GMs (that are there every time) who would definitely love a signed copy for their collections. I'll even toss in the Free RPG Day Savage Worlds The Wild Hunt for your own collection, if you don't have one from them.

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