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D&D General From now on in my games, Black Dragons and Dragon Turtles are the same species.


The Gammaroid!

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Also has Aura Battlers as well. Just, called Spirit Warriors.

But given they have a big three seater one named after the villain of a then-popular Aura Battler OVA and are. Giant bug mecha, that one's a little obvious if you know the source material (course Aura Battler Dunbine isn't as famous as Tomino's other works)

The Gammaroid!
Not to be confused with the TSR board game Gammarauders.

Which included (among the other bioborgs) Blip the Teleporturtle.

This old gem is great one to pull out when someone's getting huffy about how WotC "ruined" Gamma World by not taking it seriously enough. News flash, TSR made them look like amateurs when it came to that.

James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
Yeah, Gamma World was always kind of goofy. Just look at the bestiary and the punny/silly names for things. I do think WotC did lean a little too much into the zany; I've played a lot of Gamma World games where the default character is "a Pure Strain Human in a world gone mad".

WotC Gamma World made PSH's vanishingly rare, and a standard character could be a living Mojito ooze with psychic powers!

Also, Blip kind of reminds me of poor Tarkus.


We ran across an Alligator Snapping Turtle a few months ago. I wish I'd taken pictures. It was about a foot long, had a very spiky shell, and aggressively lunged and tried to bite the stick my wife was waving in front of it (we were trying to get it off the road).

That is a very cool little monster! What an evil cutie!

James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
What is THIS?
So in the original Spelljammer, the Elves and Orcs fought a massive war in space, which ultimately resulted in the use of biological superweapons, such as the Orc's planet-killer, the Witchlight Marauder. The Elves of Spelljammer use organic technology exclusively (even their ships are grown from plants) and one of their innovations was an Elf "spirit warrior" that was symbiotically grafted to an organic exoskeleton (totally ripped off of the manga and anime Bio-Booster Armor Guyver, which had two American made movies...the first one kind of sucks, but Guyver, Dark Hero is pretty decent). After the war, these Elves were outcasts and wander about trying to find a way to survive, but if need be, they still have the power to summon their armor and kick butt.

Oh the Elves won that war, btw.


I like 'expendable stick'.

I picked up a good sized one once to help it across the road. I am still amazed by how far they can reach over the top of the shell in a fury of hiss-filled snapping. Yikes!
I tried to do that once. I'm pretty sure the turtle had some sort of magic extendo-neck because I couldn't get anywhere near it.

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