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I used to have an RSS feed that only listed the front-page newsitems. That's how I stayed abreast of ENWorld's highlights, and then dived into the forums. Now, it looks like that RSS feed lists all forum threads (or at least an inordinate amount of them) , which is making my headline-skimming rather impossible.

Has it moved somewhere else now, or am I just missing where I can find it? The RSS icon on the front page is not the one (it's still full of all the forum threads)



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You do know the forum system has been replaced, right? It's entirely possible your specific functionality is gone (but I don't use RSS so what do I know).


I know that indeed. And I know that this might be a 'teething' issue. However, I do want to see if there is the possibility of getting a 'just the front-page headlines' RSS feed back for my perusal.

I would expect an RSS icon on the front page to just list those, but it's listing everything. I can see the use of such a feed, but I'm hoping there is a more 'curated' one as well.


>>I'm keen to see the return of the news only RSS as well.

Second. I'm not a big forum follower and use the RSS feed for highlights and primary gaming news announcements. I'm sorry, but I don't need to know about someone's bad experience at Lowe's, which was on the top of my RSS feed this morning. I come to ENW for gaming news. If this is something the community wants, please move it to it's own RSS feed so folks have a choice.
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I'll add it to the ever-increasing list! I've not looking into how RSS feeds work on the new site yet or even if it's something I have configuration options for.


EnWorld currates a RPG news site - RPGNEWS.COM. This has an RSS feed. Should be less noisy as the new site (which is spamming articles as far back as 2015 at the moment...) :-D

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