Fun with Flintlocks

Jack Daniel
Well first off, firing a gun does not provoke attacks of opportunity. That's more of a given, but as long as you're not using something as big as a marksman's musket, you can shoot point-blank with no trouble.

As for armor penetration, I'll think about it, but it probably won't take. For one thing, a longbow's shaft goes through plate armor as easily as a bullet. Another point is that I didn't want armor to fall out of use in my campaigns, so I explained that in my setting, Elvish and Dwarven armor-crafting techniques made armor worthwhile against firearms.

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Firearms thoughts

Something I was considering earlier today. I have been reading all the different rules on blackpowder weapons in d20 (Jack's, the rules in Quintessential Fighter, the Privateer Press rules) and they all have merits. My question is, how does the inclusion of magic affect these weapons? Especially in regards to mishaps, such as exploding?

Would a firearm made of Mithril, Adamantium, or just enchanted to say +2 have a chance to explode, and if so, what would the effects of that explosion be? How else would magic affect this technology?

Any thoughts?

Epic Threats

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