G.I. Joe [Renegade Game Studio]


My copy arrived yesterday. It uses the Essence 20 system. You roll a d20 plus a d2, d4, d6, d8, d10 or d12 to beat the TN. The four Essences (attributes) are Strength, Speed, Smarts and Social. Each Essence has a secondary function. Toughness (str), Evasion (speed), Willpower (smarts) and Cleverness (social). There are 21 skills distributed among the four Essences. Each skill goes up by one die step as the characters become more experienced. Skills can have up to 3 specializations.

There is a threat section with stats for Cobra, Baroness, Destro and many others. There is also a mercenary threat section. Vehicles also have stats.

The book has a starting mission called Snake Pit. Overall I like the look of the book. More later.
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