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Lobo Lurker said:
Lift is 200kg and Push is 500kg. ;)
Nice to see another trooper. No mistaking this groups intentions now. :D

I can see it now...
Bewildered Planetary Govener: "What? You just want to take coring sample of the geological strata underneath the power plant?"
Rannik: Yessir, the Imperial Surveying Battallion takes it's duties seriously.
Bewildered Planetary Govener: "Sure, okay. I'm always willing to help out the Imperial Surveyors... umm... One question: why do you have stormtroopers with you?
Rannik: Uhh... they... scare the rats away?

LOL. I can actually see myself saying that. :lol:

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So I see us new folks are on our way in.

I actually had to look up "Tyracus" to be sure that was Joric. ;) How many members are in the Krayt Dragons? Is it a small enough unit that we new folk are known to everyone, and were just not included? Or is it a large battalion, where we wouldn't have met other than in name?

And when do you want us to start posting? ;)

In related news, I'm glad for the rebel players they got away, but I was looking forward to seeing them fight it out. Hopefully our next mission will involve tracking them down. :)

Although looking over our group now, and our record, there may be a reason we're named Krayt Dragons - big, destructive, and not too subtle. ;)

Bruck is up, and I know his background seems rather dull. But that's what I was shooting for. Just your average soldier who get's involved in larger then life adventure. Oh and attached is the image I used as the 113th logo for anyone that's interested.


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The PCs are the only members of the Krayts. :) Its a nice small, very(well, supposedly) elite unit.

And as for the Rebels, what happened in this game actually caused me some chaos with that. I had expected you guys to be able to hold them down for a little longer, but the delay that happened made everything go crazy. Keeps me on my toes. :p


Hey, we did pretty good, considering. ;) Maybe Dralon's one of the rebel's alts, eh?

Oh - what rank would Sri be? He's Imperial Army, so I assume not too high, but he does have 2 ranks in Prof (Officer), for a total of +1! ;)


Following my own post, how sad....


Do you mind if I have Sri run in to Archimedes at the targetting range? It would be kinda cool to introduce him that way, and they could share the common soldier's view of the mission.... If not, just lemme know that.

Gratitious sblock, or deep seated plotting? Hmmmm?

As for Ranks on the new guys, I'd like to fill in places that we lost out on(sort of). Obviously, no one's going over Rannick for the moment. So here's the new rank structure(based on backgrounds for the two new guys):

-Gair Rannick: Major
-Archimedes Daxson: Captain
-Devlin Tremblane: Second Lieutenant
-Sri Dolgeth: Warrant Officer
-Bruck Dravvad: Warran Officer

That puts our two new guys at the same rank, just one step behind Devlin. :)

And DR:[sblock]That's fine. :) Sri would know that he's been transfered to the Krayts, though you wouldn't know Archimedes.[/sblock]


Any suggestions for a decent blaster pistol? Currently sporting the:
*SPORTING BLASTER PISTOL, +0, 3d4, 8m, 20x2*

BTW, whats the Stun DC for the sporting blaster? And whats available in the way of light armour?

AMG: I think that I'll just progress Devlin as a Noble when the time comes. This should be the easiest. I think that I know which the class skills are. I assume a +1 bab is one its way as well.


Are you looking for higher damage? There's always a straight heavy blaster, which is 3d8 damage, and a higher stun, but less range. I can find a couple other options tomorrow for ya too. :)

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