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[Gamers Wanted] 66048 Leavenworth, Kansas - Seeking 2 new people to come game with us. Pathfinder+3.5e DRAGONLANCE / "LanceFinder" War of the Lance pr


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Exactly as the title says.

[Gamers Wanted] Seeking 2 new people to come game with us. Pathfinder+3.5e DRAGONLANCE / "LanceFinder" War of the Lance prequel+main campaign

I live in downtown Leavenworth and i am seeking at least 1-2 new players (newbies are welcome) to come game with us, in a game i am DM'ing. We are level 3 right now, almost to 4. I am currently running a short home-made prequel before we get right into the main campaign of the War of the Lance.

Rules are mostly Pathfinder but ANY / ALL book and website 3.5 + OGL and even d20 website content is allowed too -- the only caveat is that Pathfinder rules take all precedence in case of any conflict.

NO PALADINS. NO EVIL aligned characters. Divine casting is temporarily gone from the world but will fully resolve later in the game. Also there is a HOUSE RULES document i will email to any prospective players who join. In my game, house rules say Critical / feats + stuff like rapiers + KEEN, DO STACK. Bow magic + ammo magic ALSO STACK. etc..

I am open to most things and i am not a DM that will spoil you and NOR do i care for players having "training wheels". If you make (stupid) mistakes then YOU WILL DIE.

I have a lot more to say on this topic but suffice to say we have been playing about 6 months already and i need 2 new players. We play here in downtown Leavenworth, Kansas, every other saturday at 3 pm, with our next game set for April 21st.

Currently we have, in party:
1 Swashbuckler
1 spell-less Druid
1 Fighter TANK
1 Wizard (universalist)
we might also get a Rogue player joining soon too, but that has not resolved yet.

HOLES in party / things we could use:
MORE FIGHTERS / melee combat specialists. Ranged is good too tho
Alchemists for healing (clerics cannot heal right now, and this is a loophole i am using)
"CLERICS" types (you will not get spells right away, so you will act as a fighter TEMPORARILY)
Rogues (having 2 won't hurt, if our other new player shows up)
Psionics if you want

Please contact me if interested.

My name is Ryan, and i am the DM.
prophetpx AT gmail DOT com
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