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Gamers Wanted in West Los Angeles, Old School

Gaming since the 70's, the longest-running campaign I ran lasted for twenty years. I've set up a few groups since moving back to Southern California, although none are currently active. Now looking for other GMs and players to get back into it. At this point I'm looking to play Classic Traveller, but I'm open to other older games; see my list below. Rotating GMs. I can't host, but I've run regular games at the Westfield Culver City Mall's food court, and that's worked OK.

Interested in playing:
- 1st ed AD&D (in Judges Guild's Wilderlands/City States, Mystara, Midkemia, Blackmoor, Lankhmar, Barsoom, Oriental Adventures, Spelljammer, the original Dragonlance series of modules, or Thieves World) or possibly ported to BRP Classic Fantasy or something similar
- Classic Traveller (in 3rd Imperium and environs)
- Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing 1st/2nd ed
- 2nd ed Chaosium Runequest in Glorantha
- Rogue Trader 1st ed FFG (or ported to Classic Traveller or BRP)
- Fading Suns 2nd ed (or ported to Classic Traveller or BRP)
- Old editions of Stormbringer, Hawkmoon; also Corum
- FASA Star Trek (or ported to Classic Traveller or BRP)
- Tamriel, again with BRP. Or maybe 1st ed AD&D.
- Gamma World 1st or 2nd ed (maybe a Bakshi vibe) / Metamorphosis Alpha 1st ed
- some version of Tekumel (I wrote a hack to 1st ed AD&D)
- Call of Cthulhu, 1920's, WW1 or WW2, or Gaslight (NOT 7th ed). Maybe something more pulpy than bog-standard Cthulhu. Maybe a BRP adaptation of Crimson Skies.
- a Tolkien game of some kind, hopefully using BRP

I also game online, but would prefer in-person in West Los Angeles. Thanks for reading!

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