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Gamers Wanted! [Gamers Wanted!] Online house ruled Mutant Chronicles 3rd - Using Roll20 & Discord

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I'm currently looking for players for my house ruled game of Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition. I am currently running for a single player at the moment and currently 3 sessions into the campaign, and am expecting it to run for another 6-8 before it finishes, but due to the nature of the campaign it's very easy to put in new arrivals. Right now the sessions are about 2 hours long, starting at 7 PM PST. The tone of the campaign is action horror, sort of like Aliens and System Shock, with a bit of Event Horizon.

As far as the house rules go, they are mostly taken from the future iterations of the 2D20 system that make it simpler for the players. Stuff like getting rid of the concept of Advanced Skills, shortening the skill list, combining the Strength and Physique attributes into Brawn. I have a list on a google doc that anyone who is interested in reading them in depth is welcome to. I am also an obsessive homebrewer and my creations are also in the same document, so the page count in it is not for all the house rules.

If you are interested, either in playing or the google document, just message me and I'll get you hooked up with my Discord tag and invite you into my campaign server, or give a link to my google doc for house rules and homebrews. If you join me, then I'll look forward to take you guns blazing into the heart of darkness!
Not open for further replies.