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[Gamers Wanted!] Online Only Discord - Shadowrun or HERO - Flexible


Peace Among Worlds
Hey so here's what's uppppp. I have one FLGS that I DM D&D5 at on Tuesday nights, and another one I can play D&D5 at on Sunday mornings, and am still fighting an uphill battle to get an actual home game up and running. Also, while D&D 5 is a perfectly good game, it is very...basic. In the millennial slang sense of that word, not in the 1970s Basic vs. Advanced sense of that word. When something is super popular and ubiquitous I find that also makes it kind of boring.

So. I would like to play, on Discord, some Shadowrun (ANY EDITION BUT 5E; no I don't consider Anarchy an edition) or HERO System (yes, I am aware that HERO System can do Call of Cthulhu, Swords and Sorcery (Fantasy HERO), Pulp Adventure, Urban Crimefighting (Dark Champions) or four-color Superheroes (Champions) and everything else in between; while some call to me more than others, I'm interested in any and all of the above, I love the system). I am in the MST time zone.

I'm very flexible in several ways. First off, I have no particular need to GM, but I can GM if no one else wants to. I would be very happy to join an existing game/Discord channel but I'm also willing to 'host' my own as it were. I'm fine with voice and/or text. I'd be delighted to play any edition of SR other than 5th and any combination of genre/edition in HERO System. Finally, I'm currently unemployed, so with the exception of the aforementioned Tuesday nights, my schedule is pretty wide open.

If you're not interested, even suggestions of where else to look besides ENWorld would be appreciated (tho not RPG.net, like most people worth talking to I am banned from RPG.net for life). I don't do well at keeping up with technology so there might be an app/site/something for finding games on Discord that I'm ignorant of.

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