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[Gamers Wanted!] Player Seeking 3.5 D&D, Online or Offline


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I live in Springfield, Missouri. Online or Offline.

Im a longtime player of Dungeons and Dragons. My favorite edition is 3.5. I can barely find anyone local, and findinga group is basically impossible. So look online!

I love the assortment of spells, items, classes and options that Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 has.

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Send you on a PM with some info on a voice Discord weekly game I am running Saturdays..

EDIT: not enough posts to PM you
contact me via lusskat#3952 on Discord

Fair warning, it'll be a 6am start for you on Missouri time, I'm Aussie so it's a 9pm start for me so it's as far as I can stretch to allow different timezones to play a full session
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^ sadly too slow replying, night before session seasoned player quit, player pool below minimum, game is unable to continue. Good luck mate on the hunt

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