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[Reading, Berks, UK] Old Guard D&D Group Build.



Im Peter. I live in Theale between Reading & Newbury. I havent played Dungeons & Dragons for many years (though I am a veteran of many games [starting way back with Fighting Fantasy] and a long history of computers also, offline and MMO.)

I thought I might try and put together a group for folks that might be interested in playing D&D regularly again. The one caveat is I want to play again the oldskool D&D (thats the 4th Edition boxes 1983.) I have no interest in any other editions since, there was plenty of wonderful material for this edition back then including favourites of mine such as Adventures in Blackmoor or Legacy of Blood or the Gazeteers. I will be purchasing materials for/and this edition. Im not currently interested in any other games or tabletop wargaming and though im passionate about the world of AD&D particularly Forgotten Realms 4th ed D&D is less complex and sticking to one thing is more cost effective.

This group might suit older gamers who want to try it or get back into it; ergo who may remember back to 1983. I would prefer to be a PC rather than Gamemaster so ideally we need 4 more people (lets say max 6) including a willing DM. My flatmate has never played D&D but she could be persuaded I think :D

I have my own flat, its not the largest space but should be able to host for a once a week game. Times/dates/regularity can be negotiated.


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