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Seeking Players in Fairfax County-ish VA


Hi all,

I'm planning to start up a new group in Northern Virginia (centered in West Springfield, but with some possibility of it being centered in Reston as one of my friends who lives there will be playing).

I'm a new offline DM. I've run a few play by posts, and done one session of Microscope online. I guess I should say offline as far as adults. I've done a fair bit of roleplaying with my 5 year old son (since he was 4, and with one of his 10 year old friends and her parent).

Looking to finally turn one of my long simmering ideas (all of which have been used in a PbP, so I have a decent amount of material set up for the first session) into an actual face to face one shot with the idea to turn it into a campaign if it goes well.

My preference is to run a game in Dungeon Crawl Classics, complete with 0-Level funnel. The setting would be a fading empire where many of the towns supposedly under its control haven't seen any officials from said empire in many years. The feel would be sword and sorcery mixed with some more traditional D&D elements. One of the reasons I want to run DCC is that even if it turns into a one shot and the players prefer another ruleset, it's:

A) One I know well,
B) One I have a funnel already created for based on my PbP,
C) Quick, so we can get to actual playing probably within 20 minutes of introductions and character generation,
D) Simple rules at Level 0

All of the above will allow us to focus more on the game and our group dynamic to see if it gels or needs some tweaking.

I'm hoping for a first session sometime in mid November, and if it becomes a campaign would try for once every two weeks on a scheduled day and time, likely a weekday early evening.

If you're interested, please contact me via a message here with your e-mail, and I'll be happy to discuss further.


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