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Gamers wanted. Somerville MA, 5th edition D&D


First Post
Hello All, so time has come again to look for some new folks at the gaming table, real life being what it is and all. We are looking for 1-2 players for a weekly 5e game Details below.

Day/Time: Every Tuesday, 6:30 to 10 pm. Starting 1st Tuesday in April 2019
Place: Somerville (near Cambridge border)
Public transportation: Buses from Harvard square. Porter square, Central sq. All run to within 2 minute walk of my place.
System: D&D 5e
Age: 21+

Type of campaign: Mix of combat and role playing, running more to combat with story elements, very, very few random encounters. If you are fighting a deranged cult its for good reason and not because I was bored.

Who we are looking for: Open to all types (5e is pretty easy to pick up and we are happy to teach it), from new folks to old hands. Must have a sense of humor about themselves and other people. We are a reasonably friendly bunch who are looking for reasonably friendly folks .

Campaign summary: We are playing in a Homebrew setting called for now 6th Empire, a empire only 15 years old. The group will be parts of the Umbral Legions of the empire charged with the defenses against threats from beneath the surface of the earth and the raids such foes launch on the surface the dark dwarves, and first empire, as well as recovering the lore and holdings of the previous empire lost when 5th empire fell. Lots of homebrew lingo but I try and do a fair job of filling new players in and the world is being built in many ways by the groups actions makes it a bit easier to pick up.


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