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Gaming Group Turns 29 !

Silver Moon

Our Dungeon and Dragons gaming group played our very first game on May 24th, 1982 so we just reached our 29th Anniversary!

This weekend we will play our 1,165th Game, which will be Game Night 16 of our 155th Module. This module is a major Pirate epic, which thus far has consisted of two 100-ship sea battles, with more to come. The current adventure has four founding players in it and three founding characters. Six of our eight current members joined the group during our first three years.

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Happy Anniversary.

Next year (your 30th) is either pearl or diamond..... so you have a whole year to look out for pearl or diamond dice! :)


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Nicely done!

But am I misreading something? You say you've got three founding characters in your current party - does that mean those characters are in their 155th adventure? And if so, what level are they?!?

Lan-"I thought I'd done well on a 17-adventure career"-efan

Silver Moon

But am I misreading something? You say you've got three founding characters in your current party - does that mean those characters are in their 155th adventure? And if so, what level are they?!?
Each player has between 4 and 9 characters, who they alternate depending upon the module level, the gamemaster, and who they feel like playing. My once-a-decade epics also involve multiple teams doing simultaneous missions, which pulls some of the old timers out of semi-retirement. Highest single-class level is 14th, highest multi-class is 11th/9th. Both might actually be higher, we're around two years behind on awarding experience points.


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Congradulations!! My oldest group online is only 12 years, and in person I've been gaming with my main group only about 13 or so.

Silver Moon

got links (to story hour/rogue's gallery/website/etc.)? :)
Yes, as a matter of fact I do.

This file is an excellent place to start to get a feel for our games. It has modules #100-103, 105 and #114 played back around a decade or so back. It begins with Module #100 which was a major epic set in Kara-Tur (the Forgotten Realms version of east Asia) with a major climax battle in the Abyss. Probably the single best module I ever ran.


This was another epic of mine, module #113, played back in 2003. BaradtGnome (2 posts above) joined us for this one.


This file has Modules #120, 125, and 128 to 130, played back in 2003-2004. The first of these is the module "Beast of Burden" from Dungeon Magazine Issue #100, which everybody had a great time with.


Modules #138 and 139 played back in 2007.


Chronologically, this is the oldies file that started it all. It chonicles our Modules #1-24, played back from 1982 to 1985.


This file has Module #98, my year 2000 epic that preceeded the first one posted above. It was essentially an extended hack-and-slash with teams of villains attacking the party's home island simultaneous to a major hurricane.

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I wish I could remember how long I've been playing. I know I started in the 80's and I was in middle school, but I just don't remember which grade I was in.

I certainly don't have a gaming group that old. I have friends I've been gaming with since about 1999, but that ain't quite as long as 29 years.


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