D&D 4E Gamma World (7E) Post-Mortem


For a group that big, that is not great at tactics, I'd take a look at Fate. With 8 characters they can stack up ridiculous amount of Create An Advantage to get their now-we-do-a-really-big-hit (or whatever).

Fate Accelerated if you want to avoid the Skills pyramid.

Fate Core if not.
Fate is ... difficult for me to run/play.

Here's the challenge I've discovered with Fate (and similar games where you get to create Moves, Aspects, etc.)
The player has to know how to manipulate the game to be effective. There's no course of progress to make a character who's worth a darn.
I'll give you an example of the terrible experiences I've had with Fate.
(And sorry if the example isn't exactly right, it's been a few years ago.)

Me: "Okay, I'm going to have an aspect where I'm +1 to shoot."
GM: "Great! You can be an awesome marksman."
Other Player: "I have an aspect of anytime I'm in a high-stress situation, I'm +4."
GM: "Great! You'll always be good!"
Me: "Uhh ..."
GM: "Hey, it's not my fault you don't know how to make effective Aspects in Fate games."

Every time I've played Fate or a Fate-inspired game, it's like this. Willy-nilly GM fiat that hamstrings players who can't magically guess the right theme or flow of the game.
For me, Fate feels like not so much a game as it is bribing the GM by bringing his favorite brand of cookies.

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For me, Fate feels like not so much a game as it is bribing the GM by bringing his favorite brand of cookies.

Congratulations, you successfully understand the actual game that FATE has made. There is a wonderful game of FATE hosted by Wil Wheaton on youtube that if you can stomach it is well worth watching. Wil Wheaton asks the designer of FATE to run a game for them, and Wil designs a character that is clearly "I'm meant to be good at fighting.". Watch what happens in the game and Wil's face when he realizes it.

It's probably the most dysfunctional example of an RPG session I've ever seen.


That’s… not how fate works, but it would be a long discussion.
That's how it worked when I played it. If you couldn't guess the "magical code" to character creation the GM was planning, you were going to have a bad time.
Maybe a case of a bad GM? I have the book but can't make heads or tails out of it.

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