Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's. (merged)


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Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's.

I want to know if it is true. I heard it was in his home, and that family and friends were with him. Is it true?

Please tell me it isn't true.

Edit: I now have to believe it is true. R.I.P. to a great friend I never met.
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As much as I want to refuse to believe it, The Troll Lords announced that they were called by Gary's son, Ernie, and told about his passing.

This feels very much like losing a close family member.

I can't express how sad this makes me, or how much I will miss him.

God, I hope this is a hoax.

Aidan Milvus

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I too hope for this to be a hoax. From all I've heard, he was a great man, and shall be missed if it isn't a hoax.

I don't know if this is fitting or even more saddening that this happens on GM's day... :(

Wulf Ratbane

True or not, I'm getting all choked up here.

I hope it's not true, but if it is-- the great man passed on GMs Day.

Nobody-- no friend, no mentor, no teacher, no pastor, no politician-- had as great an impact on my life as Gary Gygax. Although my family may claim credit for my moral instruction, it was the many long, happy hours spent reading Gygax to which I owe the development of my intellect.

And to Dungeons and Dragons, of course, I owe most of my friends and certainly my career. On the merits of the happiness and joy that he brought to my life alone-- not to mention millions of other geeks like me-- I am sure that Gary has gone on to his reward.

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If the Trolls said it, guys, assume it's true.

I wrote to him a few days ago, no response, so I guess things were bad. I'm sorry I had to hear the news from elsewhere, but I understand.

He was having medical issues, recently he had a fall after a bad reaction to medication, so I knew he wasn't doing so good. I'm just happy I got to spend time with him last November, and that he was able to be with you guys during GenCon's anniversary.


Steve @ TrollLord has posted on the TL boards Ernie called this morning to tell him Gary had died.

My condolences to his family and friends, and my many thanks for all the wonderful fun he has given me over the years. Introducing me to a new sort of game and to all sorts of authors I would never had read otherwise.

Mark Hope

Just checked out the post on Troll Lords forum.

This looks genuine.

What a sad loss. Deepest condolences to Gary's friends and family.

And thankyou Gary for bringing us so much joy.

Still want it to not be true.


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I never met Mr. Gygax but the mark of greatness is that he touched people's lives who never met him. I wish him good luck in the Elysian fields that surely await him.


Condolences to family and friends, and fond remembrances and thanks to the man himself on parting for giving me a hobby that was an enriching part of my life.


Knight of Solamnia
From all of us at the Dragonlance Nexus, I offer Gary's family and friends our condolences. Godspeed to the Great Dungeon Master, who brought us all joy.

We can honor Gary's work as the father of the game every time we game. His legacy cannot be understated.

It is my sincerest hope that Wizards of the Coast will dedicate their core 4th edition books to Gary. It would be a fitting tribute.

Est Sularus oth Mithas.

I'm choked up as well. I'll miss ya Gary. I deeply thank you for all the fun and help your wonderful creation gave to me as a troubled youth and as a happy man.

Joseph Browning

Dan Bell

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Wow. I didn’t even know he was ill. All the families of these role players have had awful news of late: Erick Wujick of Amber Diceless, Bob Bledsaw of Judges Guild, and N. Robin Crossby of Harn.

Rest in peace Mr. Gygax, thank you for giving us rpgs, you will be remembered. My thoughts and prays to your family & friends.

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