D&D 5E Gatetown Video

Some details on Gatetowns which get more details then they did in many cases in 2e.

LN Atamata gets a town under it called Inverse that is CN I think, that acts like an anchor to the Outlands and really sounds cool. I hope they give an idea about what anchors for other towns.

Gatetowns all have portals to their Outer Plane of course, but they can have portals to other places too. I could see Sylanvia having a portal to the Feywild of Faerun for example that I just made up (they don't give any examples, except for Sigil), or Pandomadiums (forget the name) having a possible portal to the Far Realms. Maybe Portals to the Astral as well, Material Plane and Astral Dominions, Demiplanes, who knows what else.

They all have distinct genre flavour to them beyond Alignment.

Fauna is rebuilding after the previous one shifting to the Beastlands, the awaken animals fighting each Got style between Awaken Animal Species.

Fortidude sounds almost worse then the Lower Planes towns, like total Stepford wives perfect anal suburbia, with neighbourhood watch gone creepy thing going on. I can't run away fast enough.

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