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So all my games are labeled 'Star Trek' and when I try to change it back, it won't save. Anyone know how to deal with this?
I managed to change the prefix/tag for Mynhear's Bane by going to the first post of the thread and changing it. It saved successfully, so I'm not sure why yours isn't.


I've tried several times, now. I've also tried changing the body of the post just a little to see if it will trigger the other change to take. No luck. :(

PS: It was me. I wasn't changing both fields.
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I get your frustration, but this comes up every time Enworld has a major issue, and every time the overall decision has been the same, and for largely the same reasons. Unless there has been some major new development somewhere else since the last time we had this conversation, I just don't see the outcome of this conversation being any different. The threshold of the perfect mix of available tools, community (not just size, but also activity level, friendliness, and other intangibles), and accessibility (espically mobile accesibility) across even just official judges and active DMs is going to be extremely high. I will not say that Enworld is making me super happy right now, but getting even a simple majority of people to agree on which board to move our community to is going to be near impossible without losing a lot of people.
I don't actually recall this move discussion happening before.

The Judges are discussing and voting on it already. Here is a chance for players to express their votes too.

Vote Yes or No to a community move to Myth-Weavers.

Since SS21 is concerned we will lose players in a move, vote whether you will be quitting LPF if the Community does move to Myth-Weavers.
I've never seen a formal discussion or proposal, but the topic of moving is not a new one. Good to know that there is actually something more being done this time beyond the usual venting. I personally don't care one or another as long it's not just a knee jerk reaction.
I wouldn't mind all that much if we moved; (as may be evidenced from my post count) this is the only part of Enworld that I actually use. Personally, I use Giantitp the most, but I don't think that that's specifically Living World Friendly, and I have a myth-weavers account already b/c character sheets but I've never actually ventured onto the forums.


How mobile friendly is Myth-weaver? At this point, that is probably the largest single factor for me personally.
It is more mobile friendly.

They have buttons on the editor for spoiler blocks, dice roller, image inserts, url inserts, and Private (a feature EnWorld doesn't have to my knowledge.

Threads can be set to private so only certain players can read them (and those with GM permissions like the Judges would have). Within the game forum, the Judges could have the power to move threads around, close and lock them, create sub-forums for individual games, have an archive sub-folder to put old threads.

Games could actually have an OOC thread to go along with their IC thread, located in the same place. There are so many advantages to using MW over EnWorld, I cannot even remember them all.


Well, that was fun
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@perrinmiller, will you please stop trying to get people to leave EN World. If you don't like it here, feel free to leave quietly. This is not acceptable behaviour for a guest here.


Mine is fully recovered, but the internet here just keeps getting worse as time goes by. I'm pretty sure I'm just viewing cached versions of pages at this point. I'm pausing things until I get back home this weekend and have real internet again.


Sounds good, SS21, and thank you. Did you get the judge issue cleared up? (I can't help on this one since I'm playing.)
Aura's still keeping an adventure going for PM and I, but it looks like the reset basically killed everything. :/

EDIT: oops, i forgot you were in that game too. :p
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Roughy River Run is looking to wrap up soon, I think, and The Haunting of Calathil Manor looks to be in the boss fight (I think). So still some of us around, but yeah, the reset seems to have been pretty bad on all games here, not just LPF.