D&D 5E Generating spellcasters


Instead of creating casters will spellslots (which I find dull to track) as enemies, I generally take monster from 4e that had spells-as-regular-attack instead and convert them to 5e by loading an existing creatures in a statblock generator and adding to it the desired actions.

Ex: Here I took the already generated regular goblin statblock and added some spells-as-attack to create a goblin caster. Took about 2 minutes.
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I do something similar but with the spells in 5e. I pick one for each spell level and convert it to an attack (or spell save). If the spellcaster represents a sorcerer then I might also give it multiattack for its cantrips to represent the twinned spell metamagic. Sometimes I keep track of spell slots so I know how many times they can use each spell but the more I play the less I feel I need to since they likely aren't going to use up all of their spell slots anyway.

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