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Existential Risk
Howdy folks!

As an up-and-coming indie TTRPG dev, I'm always employing that sigma male dragon grindset gorilla brain mentality. So naturally, I have a mailing list. It's relatively spam-free, as I only send one email per new release or sale/event. No "in case you missed it" or weekly pings!

But of course, I'm well aware that the modérn roal playeur doesn't have two minutes to throw at a google form just for the promise of future marketing. You should get a taste of that sweet sweet artisanal content first. That's why I give away a free copy of my first DMs Guild outing, Last Stand: A Worthy Death, to each and every person who signs up! It's a smol supplement, but it's sold almost 1000 copies, and it's gotten some rave reviews from actual play. Naturally, you can also check out the previews and reviews of my growing portfolio.

... And that's it! Short and sweet, all killer no filler, just like my content. 😉 Sign up and I'll send you your complimentary copy within a few business days. Cheers!

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