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Get Ready To Pre-Order Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Fourth Edition!

Cubicle 7 has announced that the pre-orders for the 4th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay will open tomorrow, Thursday 3rd May.


Here's the full announcement!

The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition pre-order opens later this week! To whet your appetite, here are 4 things you can expect from the new edition of this beloved game.

Your Warhammer for You!
Something that is really core to our WFRP is that we’ve created tools for you to play your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We recognise and support that everyone plays their own version of the rules and the setting, and we fully embrace and encourage that. It’s your game! With 30 years of history under its belt, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay means a lot of things to a huge number of players.

Ideal starting point
Not much experience with RPGs? The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Starter Set is designed to be the ideal introduction, with a structured adventure to help you learn how to play. Also containing a guide to Ubersreik, there’s loads of gaming material for more experienced GMs too!

System matters
WFRP4 uses ten-sided dice, and a tuned-up version of the familiar d100 system. You can tailor the rules to your preferences or different in-game situations, choosing from a menu of fast ‘roll under’ Simple Tests, Dramatic Tests giving success levels where you need more than a ‘yes or no’ result, and even barely rolling at all, if that’s your style.

Passion for Warhammer
Our creative team are lifelong players of the three previous editions of the game, and between us we’ve worked on all these editions too! We bloomin’ love Warhammer, and we think it shows.

We’ll be bringing you more on WFRP4 regularly, so watch this space! And, very excitingly, pre-orders go live on Thursday…

Keep an eye out for the pre-orders to open tomorrow at the Cubicle 7 store!
Russ Morrissey


Once I read this quote: "Warhammer, the rpg where the players believe they are playing Dungeons and Dragons, but the Game Master knows they are playing the Call of Chulthu".


What's the leftmost item in the image? I've see the core book and starter set before, but this one's new to me. I can't make out whether it's a box or a slipcase of some sort.
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for me, how better will it be from 1e or 2e to make me feel I need to get it? I bought 3rd because it was different but in the end didnt care for it. I skipped 2e because 1e felt fine.


In all my days I will never forget one of my players Troll Slayer leaping from the castle tower ramparts to grab the vampire in giant bat form as it tried to escape. One of the most memorable events in 30 years of gaming.

I am so glad to see they’re keeping the old world alive. Really excited to see if there campaigns are as good as the Adventures in Middle Earth campaign. They could seriously bring something new to the franchise that hasn’t been seen seen since the days of Death on the Reik.


Unrelated but... Why does Warhammer pre-order get a news article but Vampire doesn't? Learned about the pre-order for that from Facebook while randomly checking Modiphius for some Corvus Belli news.

Hand of Evil

Just hoping they are going to bring us something new and not republish old material. White Dwarf and Warhammer Battles/Armies (?) had a lot of good stuff in them that never made it to the RPG.


I would imagine the first few releases will be very familiar to those with the old books. But they've got to get the basics out there for the newcomers, before they go off into Here Be Dragons territory

So glad to see this. 1st Ed was my first RPG to be played more than a couple of times. I think it's a fairly newbie-friendly setting/system too (if based heavily on 2E)

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