Get Ur Body Horror: Cronenberg Films Ranked

You are correct, though I might argue that The Fly is both more strongly Cronenbergian and orders of magnitude beyond the Dead Zone - three times the box office and an Academy Award.

The Dead Zone?

(A Hollywood big-budget film starring Christopher Walken and distributed by Paramount)

I can't remember if it was The Fly or Dead Ringers I saw first. His works definitely get under your skin.

First Cronenberg movie I saw, and made a massive impression. I either saw it in the theater or on VHS right when it hit the video store (I remember seeing an ad in the paper for it but I think I would have been too young to see it in the movies). It is one of those rare bigger budget studio films done well. It was the kind of movie you just kept thinking about even years after watching it.

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Dead Ringers still is probably the weirdest, the atmosphere has a cold damp chill to it. In other ways, Videodrome is the coolest. Yeah Naked Lunch is pretty weird, the whole rubbing drugs on a bug ...

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