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My players are in a world where horses are available everywhere, but every nation has its traditional unique mounts. The gnomes who they will be visiting soon are very much more likely to use large deer and elk (which they mount with large transport howdahs) or giant foxes (medium sized foxes). I am now also set on giving the gnomes a "giant flying fox" mount, but I am torn between it being a medium sized fruit bat, or a literal winged giant fox. Both seem appropriate for the setting, and I don't want to do both.

Which do you all think would be cooler?
  • Fruit bat mount
  • Fox with wings mount
(Players too big to ride one can still have one as a trained pet if they want)
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Well, real-world flying foxes don't technically fly, they glide. You could ignore that and say that these ones do, but you could also use it as an opportunity - maybe these flying foxes can only glide, but their gnome riders turn that into sustained flight by using magical or alchemical fire blasts to periodically create thermals for the foxes to ride.

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