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GiantLands Steven Wolfe Twitter Review

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Edit by Morrus -- After doing some investigation, I am satisfied that "infinityman" is, indeed, Giantlands owner Stephen Dinehart. Pretending to be a customer in order to trick our members is against our rules, as described here. Misleading and lying to our members is not acceptable. I will be locking this thread and editing the OP to make it clear what has happened.

"First and foremost, just perusing what comes in the box, there's this amazing sense of discovery"

Sounds like a good start, most of the reviews of the game seem pretty positive. Big Ward/GW fan and it's giving me Gamma World vibes, however with some Dark Sun. Anyone else pick one up?

The box art is, of course, phenomenal, thanks to the incredible efforts of Larry Elmore. It really calls back to the Era of Pulp Fantasy, such as Conan and John Carter of Mars, that inspired-

Here's the thread: https://twitter.com/THEStevenWolfe/thread/1487238567973859329
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I crit!
Oh! Tenkar had a playthrough, at least a session zero.
There is a ton of preamble but I think it really starts here.

Also wonderfilled has been linking to unboxing/review videos.



Doesn't seem alone. I'm just skeptical until I play it or see it played. I try to be brave with new systems, but...


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