Why is it so important for others to have god awful characters that act like they know everything about everyone? Somebody tell me that please. I have just two characters on here this one and one other...Corwin is a 2nd level bladesinger and the other is a cleric of 8th level nothing really special about them and they know noone here.. yet people try and act like they know everything about them...and one of my friends frequents here and has for a while and yet people act like they know him inside and out when I have been friends with him for 20 years and I cannot even begin to scratch the surface of his rp characters.


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There are several things that might be going on here.

If the other player is using OOC knowledge through his char, that's very unfriendly of the player. This includes using knowledge gained from one char and acting as if another char knows it, unless there are IC reasons they might have told each other. But, it's not strictly against the Code of Conduct. About the only solution is to let the player know you don't like it and then stop telling him, or her, your secrets.

If the other player is simply guessing, and guessing right, then you can still ask that they stop being so pushy, but it's more fair. After all, in real life there are people who act like they know you completely on the basis of a single conversation or just by looking at your clothes or what you're drinking. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong.

Some people like having others know their chars right away.

This is the sort of thing we can't enforce. We can just ask that people be open to how other people feel, and don't make assumptions that they'll think it's fun if you interact with their char as if you've known it forever.

James V

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I've been labeled one of these godlings....I don't understand how my decade old character isn't allowed to know older information when he was around and witnessed it, also I don't even comprehend why you've got so many problems, a lot of characters do a lot of things, and a lot of times they go off OOC Info, I've seen it..but NEVER done it, everything my character does is simply understands, comprehends, ponders a bit, then comes out with a logical conclusion, a lot of bluntness on a lot of peoples parts if you ask me.


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I agree that anything that happens on site, in-char, in another char's presence, is fair game for that char to know and act on.

Even the "but my char was whispering and your char was busy talking to someone else all the way across the room" doesn't really cut it. You can consider it bad RPing if that happens, but you also don't know all the enhancements the other char might have for their eavesdropping. Even what I've seen as "(closed)" or "*private*" thought balloons can be argued.

If it matters to you that things are truly private, both IC and OOC, then take them to PMs, or another room, or RP that part of it off-site. Or clear it with the other player(s) that it won't be used.


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It could distinctly be written into the character's personality that they are a plain and snotty know-it-all, and that's entirely on purpose. It may happen more frequently than it used to, but perhaps that's players stretching out their limbs from the regular modesty and trying to plunge into ignorance and insufferable attitudes - in order to advance their rp'ing skills to a whole new level. Getting out of the rut, one could say.

Perhaps the overall attitude of the town IC is to know your enemy to intimidate them. Or at least, with my division of roleplaying, act like the best, because you are the best, therefore you must know everything.

Or in James' case, I just absolutely love the character personality because of its uniqueness, I've not seen anyone like the character James. Don't mind as I pick on you, hon, but coming to rational conclusions based upon assumptions.... don't people do that in real life like it were breathing? Personality analysis, I can vouch, is based on a lot of assumptions, and perhaps that character feels confident enough to express that conclusion, like from what I've seen from James. At least that's what I gather, you can scold me later if I'm wrong, but I'm going by my own assumption. ^_^


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Magi_Trelian said:
Even what I've seen as "(closed)" or "*private*" thought balloons can be argued.
Oh, gah. That just reminds me of the old, old, old thread from well before ISRP moved, discussing means of detecting thoughts, and how it works in different systems. What was it? D&D detect thoughts that had potential to fail vs. some Palladium material or other that was basically an automatic function? They can certainly be argued, and have been.

"Or in James' case, I just absolutely love the character personality because of its uniqueness"

Uniqueness does not mean bashing other players via characters....I was in as another character when James bashed another...granted he is ignored on my screen now but it was uncalled for....the other character said something and told James to leave him alone and james insisted on entering the conversation....there is a limit to the "Uniqueness" of a characters personality....one should not try and force themselves into a conversation, that is the reason most have left the site and gone to another site to rp.


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I don't know about that one, dear Corwin. See, all I see in the posts these days is complaints about not being accepted into conversations or invited or approached and just left in a shadowy corner to think amongst oneself. Perhaps James is a demonstration we can learn from instead of be skeptical of. Not everyone approves of someone being rude, I agree, but let's try to be constructive in our criticisms. Maybe that little bit of nudge to press ourselves into conversations isn't so bad, maybe the ones having that conversation should be a little more open, maybe maybe maybe... There's a lot of concern over character's not coming out of their cliques, maybe that was James' character coming out of his clique. Y'know, it's all supposed to be fun, right? Well, don't take it too personally when another character expresses him/herself, be it strongly or belligerently. At least they are reaching out, and that's the positive side, which we all need to focus on these days.

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