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Bari, the repetitive aspect of the rape commentary would have provoked a warning from me in no uncertain terms had it been reported. That kind of thing can be harassment...and not just of the player that is being interacted with, but with others in the vicinity having to read it as well. That includes the Magi themselves.

I'm glad it didn't blow up into something worse. Think carefully about what your characters do Folks, if you wouldn't risk doing it in front of *any* of the Magi, it probably is something that needs a bit of thinking over before it is done. IC obnoxious is all part of the game, but there are limits and sometimes they are hazy.

As Trelian says, the rape issue is exceptionally sensitive to a lot of people and great care should be taken when referring to it in any way.



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Magi_Trelian said:
I agree that anything that happens on site, in-char, in another char's presence, is fair game for that char to know and act on.

Even the "but my char was whispering and your char was busy talking to someone else all the way across the room" doesn't really cut it. You can consider it bad RPing if that happens, but you also don't know all the enhancements the other char might have for their eavesdropping. Even what I've seen as "(closed)" or "*private*" thought balloons can be argued.

If it matters to you that things are truly private, both IC and OOC, then take them to PMs, or another room, or RP that part of it off-site. Or clear it with the other player(s) that it won't be used.

Or just not post them. Personally, I'm extremely dubious about just exactly what a closed thought adds to the roleplay. In my experience, the majority of them end up being used as a somewhat personal attack on either a character or, indirectly, a player... in stealth mode. In a way that "can't" be argued with - or even addressed or replied to. It's poor manners to do think closed thoughts such as
. o O ( (closed) What a total idiot, he doesn't even know that the golem doesn't talk )
but it's just as bad manners to 'read' a closed thought and 'know' that it was thought, meaning that you can't reply to it without being rude yourself - which rather lessens the impact of the person complaining about such thoughts. When done skillfully, these kinds of thoughts can, as above, be close to an OOC insult, too... but strictly, they don't break the CoC. Hence I have noted a certain popularity in their use, and consequently I personally never use them. In any case, I like to try to find more subtle ways to convey any closed, private thoughts my characters have - assuming they allow them to be conveyed at all. By and large, my character's closed thoughts are just that - invisible to other people. They have to guess what my character may or may not be thinking in the privacy of their own head, which increases the realism of the thing and therefore my own personal enjoyment of it.

Having said that, it is my considered opinion that doing the subtle approach that I take is hard, and often even harder to pick up on, meaning that less experienced roleplayers could have difficulty with that. This is, of course, a criticism I could level at myself - in effect, it's elitism and consequently snobbish. Buuuut... I find myself becoming increasingly closed off of late. I feel like in any case a lot of the newbie-friendly atmosphere just isn't there. I guess that could be just me.

Saera Duraston

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"Personally, I'm extremely dubious about just exactly what a closed thought adds to the roleplay."

*bites her lip, and raises her hand*

Um, hello? Saera posts a lot of closed thoughts! But they have a very specific purpose. She's the sort that has a very transparent face. You can practically read her mind just by looking at her if you know what to look for, or maybe even if you don't.

I used to post her thoughts as open but eventually she wanted to hide something and got a ring to cover her thoughts. So, they're "closed" if you're looking for anything in particular or exact words. But the general sense of what she's thinking? .... oh yes, that's open enough! So if other chars figure out her opinions, I'm not the least surprised. (She is, but that's her, not me. ^_^)


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Which is the only legitimate use of the thing. That's the only one I'd consider doing, that I can think of - to help give the other player an insight into the *kinds* of things the other might be thinking, if it's going to be apparent. That, I see no problem with - on the contrary, if used with proper skill it is a useful tool to convey your character... my gripe is with the other use of closed thoughts.


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I love Saera and her thought bubbles. And, like Jeajea said, if it's apparent, it's appropriate. I've seen others use the thought bubbles as a form of trolling, and that's not appropriate.
I myself don't use thought bubbles much, except for with characters conversing telepathically. Even if the thought is sent to a specific person, another skilled telepath might be able to pick up on it - unless the pair who are having the discussion are very good at shielding such shared thoughts. So, they're out there.

Course, I did have a regular person have a thought bubble out there, just because it was too funny not too. I mean. . . why not hope that you'll at least cause the dragon who's about to eat you indigestian? :D


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A particular character of mine uses thought bubbles very occasionally, but never deliberately 'closes' them when they are used. No, she -wants- you to pick up her slanderising and get a rise out of it, be it amusing or insulting. It's kind of funny sometimes to see the reactions, but otherwise people don't generally pick up on the thought bubble. It's out there, I'm half expecting a reaction, but usually there are none. So, if there's a telepath out there sitting and just picking up thought bubbles, I'm sure he would've laughed hysterically once or twice picking up the vibes coming from Jazzmyn's dust brain.

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