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Going to my first NFL game!

Kid Socrates

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Just have to celebrate a bit -- I just got two tickets to go see the Kansas City Chiefs host the Washington Redskins at Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday. I've never been to see an NFL game, and since I moved out here to KC in 2003, I pledged that I'd go see one soon. This is the perfect one to see, as I've become a huge Chiefs fan since I moved here from Virginia -- where I've been rooting for the Redskins since I was five years old.

And my seats are club level on the 45-yard line, right behind the Chiefs bench. I am going into the mouth of the beast, and I'll be wearing the burgundy and gold in hostile territory!

My first NFL game! This is gonna be so cool. Anyone had any cool attending-NFL-games experiences?

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I saw Michael Vick make a 44 yard dash in overtime to beat the Vikings in Overtime, at my first NFL game, a couple of years ago.

Hearing 65,000+ people go nuts is a pretty cool thing. And the tailgate parties rock.



Epic Commoner
NFL games rock seeing them in person. I don't know about Arrowhead Stadium but Raymond James here in Tampa is a great stadium. Even the nose bleed are pretty good. Its gets hard to see the passes sometimes and it feels ALOT faster when you are there. I can't say anything about hostile territory cause in Florida everybody is from out of of state so you see tons of different jerseys and colors.
Hockey is also great going there. I can't watch it on TV but live there in stadium is cool (hehe get it). Plus we won the Stanley Cup so all the other teams suck :)


I haven't been to any live football games, but I've been to numerous college games. I've also been to eight pro baseball games. My advice, get there at least an hour and a half early, eat before you enter the stadium and bring a defibrillator so that you survive the sticker shock of concessions and souvenirs. ;)


My in-laws have season tickets to Chiefs games. I went to a few. Be prepared to stand. A lot. And take lots of blankets, and gloves, and other warm things. You can't have enough. And be prepared for a loud thunderous explosion during the Star Spangled Banner (When the "bombs burst in air"). And it's the "home of the Chiefs", not the "home of the brave" - a mockery of our National Anthem, but who am I to judge?

Last Chiefs game I went to, I took a book to read, and got ridiculed by everyone around me. But then, I hate organized sports.


I love going to Ravens games. You're going to have a lifetime memorable experience.

And in Baltimore, we sing the Star Spangled with a big emphasis on the O. :)


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Crothian said:
NFL games are great and from what I hear KC is one of the best places for fans as they cheer and cheer loud
I've also heard Arrowhead is a great place to watch a game. I used to go to Browns games all the time at the old Municiple stadium in Cleveland when I was a kid. Football is great to watch in person. So is hockey (though I don't much like watching hockey on TV).

Kid Socrates

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Well, for the record, just got back from the game -- Arrowhead is LOUD. My head is throbbing. Great game, Redskins couldn't pull it out. Fantastic game and experience, but man, do I have the -worst- headache...


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I'm originally from Green Bay, and my family has had season tickets for 30 years now. Most years, I get to go to one game (especially now that I live 3+ hours away).

I've seen two overtime games (including one, in 1980, where a Packer field-goal attempt in overtime was deflected right back at the kicker, who ran it in for a touchdown). I've sat at games in below-zero weather. I've been to a game in a blizzard (against Tampa Bay, much less, the most one-sided game I've ever been to; the Buccaneers were psyched out before the game even started).

I've seen players like Walter Payton, Fran Tarkenton, Barry Sanders, and Joe Montana (Joe set a record for most consecutive completions at the game I was at). Not to mention being blessed in getting to watch Brett Favre for over a decade now.

I've also heard that Arrowhead is a great stadium to go to, and the Chiefs are great fans. But, I strongly believe that Lambeau Field is as close as the NFL gets to holy ground. :)