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Patreon Going to the 9 Hells - Map Icon Patreon


The Inkwell Ideas Patreon (something like a monthly subscription) of map icon mini-sets for March has a 9 Hells theme. If you’re not familiar with out Patreon, we are creating new icons each month thanks to artist/cartographer Keith Curtis, who has done the bulk of the map icons for our software.

As Keith and I dove into the 9 Hells we discovered a couple of good resources with very useful info. Dragon magazine did a detailed article in 75 & 76 by Ed Greenwood, and it was republished in the online issue 400. Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes has some more updated info as well.

In fact, there was so much strong imagery that we need to break it up into 2 months. So this month we’ll focus on the upper 3 levels (which have more varied terrain and features) and next month we expect to do the other 6.

This post has the preview for the world/kingdom icons in the isometric style. Note: These are halved in size for preview purposes. Also remember that at the $7 pledge/support level you get them doubled in size (4x what you see here). 2nd Note: terrain icons for the “rows” hex orientation are also included.

All the graphics will be transparent PNGs, so they should be usable in other map & image editors as well.

As before, we post previews of each set, and then make a single paid post near the end of the month with the actual graphic sets. Our plan is to do just one set of each type per month in one paid post. (One set of 15+ isometric icons, one set of 15+ city icons, one set of 15+ dungeon/building interior icons, one set of 15+ flat/classic world map icons.)

Finally, don’t forget if you back the Patreon before we release the new Dungeon/Battlemat functionality in Worldographer (this will replace Dungeonographer’s features) you’ll get the code for that new functionality free. We expect to release it any day now.


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