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D&D 5E Good Little Children Never Grow Up - Spooky Kickstarter in time for Halloween


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Sneak Attack Press has just launched our Kickstarter campaign for Good Little Children Never Grow Up, a haunted adventure perfect for Halloween or any time of the year.

Everybody in Hedgebird knows that the old DeMay orphanage is haunted, but that did not stop the Perseville family from moving to town and buying the place. Nor did it stop the Tarnak boys from venturing inside. Now the children are trapped within, and to get them out the heroes must confront terrible ghosts from the orphanage’s past.

Good Little Children Never Grow Up is a horror-themed adventure for low-level character. Originally Published for 4e and Pathfinder 1st Edition, this Kickstarter campaign will update it to 5e, Pathfinder 2e, and Savage Worlds, as well as add all-new full-color art and maps.

In addition to the adventure, Good Little Children Never Grow Up includes:
  • 24 hand outs for players. Thanks to the restless spirits within the orphanage, each character only gets part of the picture
  • 4 new or modified monsters
  • 1 new magic item
  • 1 ghostly blessing
Back now to get Good Little Children Never Grow Up in time for Halloween, and help unlock stretch goals to update even more adventure.

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I'm curious what is meant by "the current rules systems." Are you referring to PF2, 5E, both?

Either way, sign me up. :cool:

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm a slow reader. I'm Backer No. 27. Also, Savage Worlds? Nice.
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We've just hit a major stretch goal to update another adventure: Beacon in the Dark.

The heroes venture deep into the underdark to reclaim an dwarven fortress, but a band of drow will do anything to stop them.


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The campaign is nearly complete! We've got just 35 hours left to back.

Plus, we are nearly at another major stretch goal to update a third adventure and unlock a print collection option.

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