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D&D 5E Good psionics-themed Wizard subclass?

Other than what appeared in Unearthed Arcana, does anybody know of any well-conceived wizard subclasses (3rd party, etc.) that would make a good chassis for a psionics themed wizard? It doesn't actually have to be a psionics Wizard...I plan on choosing thematic spells and taking the Psionics-themed feats from Tasha's...just something that would be a good thematic fit.

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Nothing crunchy in terms of mechanics, but for flavor: a Deryni Sorcerer inspired class of a psionic who also studies magic- like Wencit of Torenth or what not from the original Kurtz trilogy.


Mind Mage
Narratively. For me, what makes psionics "psionics" is innate magic of ones own mind. The consciousness is a mysterious cosmic property that a brain entangles, and possesses mystic capabilities.

Mechanically. Make all spells castable without any material component. However, to add the proficiency bonus to the spell DC, choose one spell component as a "psionic focus". The method helps one focus the mind, enter the state of consciousness, and formulate ones intention. The focus can be a Verbal: command, meditative chanting, memorable rhyme, vivid storytelling, etcetera. The focus can be Somatic: dance, biting ones shield, forming a handsign, stomping ones feet, wiggling ones nose, etcetera. Or the focus can be Material: such as a crystal, ki focus, heirloom, favorite weapon, a wand, sacred symbol, etcetera. Choose any psionic focus during character creation, whether V, S, or M. If without this focus, one can still cast spells but they lack the proficiency bonus from leveling.

The Bard makes an excellent Psion: prescient esp, telepathy, reality alteration, psychometabolism, and psychoportation. (But lose the musical instrument!)

If a Wizard, maybe focus on invisible force effects (Mage Hand, Telekinesis, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Levitation, Fly, Tiny Hut, Wall of Force, Disintegrate, Forcecage, etcetera).

But really, any spellcaster and any spell concept can flavor psionically. The key is innate spellcasting − albeit a focus can be help enter the heightened psionic state.

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