Goodman Games Kickstarts Two New 5E Adventures

Goodman Games is Kickstarting "New adventures for the 5th edition of the world’s first fantasy RPG". The Kickstarter is for two adventures The Pillars of Pelagia (by Chris Doyle) and War-lock (by Michael Curtis) under its Fifth Edition Fantasy banner, of which two adventures have already been released.


As a side-note, although Goodman Games isn't quite, as it says, "the only third party publisher to continuously support Dungeons & Dragons in every edition since 3E" , it's certainly one of the only ones. I have Goodman adventures from 3.x, 4E, and 5E.

You're looking at $20 for two softcover adventures (plus shipping), which seems a good deal to me.

Find the Kickstarter right here (or click on one of the pretty pictures).

Each adventure is between 16-42 pages, and is a standalone story designed to fit into any existing campaign or setting. Goodman Games has a repuation these days for old-school roleplaying (especially with its Dungeon Crawl Classics line), and these products often have an old-school aesthetic which can be very appealing.

Stretch goals for this particular campaign include expansions for both adventures, and a third adventure called The Dragon's Maw for Free RPG Day.


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Goodman Games should know better. They have been around for awhile. Sounds to me they have a set budget without deviation, so they hire the cheapest artsts they could find, if not going in house themselves. They will turn a profit with minimal expense. Yea people will buy it because there is a need for 5th ED material.

But a Shiny Turd is Still a Turd. And if the Cover art is crap. I don't buy it.

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I am not terribly interested in this kickstarter. I have enjoyed Goodman Games products and purchased them for years. I bought physical copies of the first two GG 5E adventures. So far I haven't used them. During their support of v3.0/v3.5/v4.0 I purchased a ton of great adventures from them. I ran everyone I bought. The first two 5E ones didn't grab me once I looked through them. I probably will use them at some point. I have even ran a campaign set in Áereth which was their d20 System campaign world. The Necromancer Games 5E products so far I have bought all of them. I really enjoy the Fifth Edition Foes book and have used it a ton. The Book of Lost Spells will also see some use but in general at this point in the edition I don't want to put out a ton of optional spells to be used by my players especially with the limited slots available to spellcasters in this system. I have both of the 5E quest books as well and I am sure they will get used.

What I am really interested in is adventures in the style of the previous Goodman Games products. What I mean here is good scenarios/dungeons more than just a few pages long. Stuff with minimal or adaptable background information like they had previously done for years with perhaps around 32 pages. I would definitely buy the same from Frog God or Necromancer or even other RPG companies like Sasquatch, Kobold Press, or Green Ronin. Wizards of the Coast is producing these world ending super adventures. This is cool but "normal modules" are also required by gamers. :)

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