Pathfinder 2E Gothic Western (a Weird West setting)

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So I'll need to create some minor and major artifacts for Gothic Western, since that is the primary task of the Knights Templar. Here's a planned good artifact, and unlike most artifacts does not confer Taint, as this is a Native Lakota crafted device. I'll be creating 3D illustrations of all my artifacts, though yet unsure how many to create 13, 20, more?

Morning Fox Dream Catcher (major artifact)

Slot none; Aura strong abjuration and conjuration; CL 20; Weight 1/3rd lbs.

Morning Fox was the youngest child and only daughter of the great Chief Leaping Elk of the Black Hills Lakota. Though his village only housed 300 members, he was recognized as a leader among 4 other villages throughout the Black Hills, as a wise tactician in massed war parties. When his daughter became afflicted by Taint from an unknown origin, the medicine men of all five villages as well as a visiting great shaman visited Leaping Elk's village to create a powerful talisman and to perform rituals to free her of the Taint and it's ravages upon her. It did free and restored her from her malady. It became a family heirloom over 10 generations. This event happened a century prior to the White Man's war with their King over the Big Water, when the French were the Whites here.

A dream catcher was crafted as a pair of willow hoops, one smaller than the other, with the weaving of cord in the shape of a spider's web with a hole at the center. Colorful gem quality beads, silver balls and copper tubes adorn the web and hang from it. A dream catcher's purpose is to catch the wholesome dreams of family and childhood captured, while allowing evil spirits that cause nightmares and afflictions to pass through the hole away from whom it was intended to protect. This dream catcher's true purpose is both to draw the attention of aberrant alien consciousnesses, then rather than be caught in a web, it can be thought as a planar vortex, a one-way gate from the prime material to the Far Realm. Aberrant beings become Fascinated with the dream catcher upon seeing it, and after a minute of viewing the vortex opens and sucks their alien souls to their distant home.

It is treasured, hidden and protected artifact talisman that does not confer Taint with it's use as a Shaman made relic. The Lakota who possess this will only allow one of their tribe to use it in missions to save the tribe from dire threats of the Unclean. They would never sell or part with it.

It is crafted from the finest willow hoops, nettle thread, precious stone beads, an uncut Topaz stone, silver beads and copper and silver tube beads, and was said to have been crafted in the Spirit World by Coyote and Wakan Tanka, the great manitou and 6 tribal medicine men on a hallucinogenic spirit journey with the materials in hand, before entering the trance state.

Alignment Lawful Good

Aberrant Fascination – aberrant beings (Unclean) upon sight of the dream catcher become subject to Greater Fascinate as per spell.

Far Realms Gate – one-way gate forcibly sending aberrant beings and alien consciousnesses into the vortex gate permanently Gated to the Far Realm.

morning fox.jpg
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Well here's something I never thought I'd ever create as 3D or any piece of art. But I mentioned it as one of the artifacts possessed by the Knights Templar, which meant I had to create it - the Ark of the Covenant. I don't plan to do Raiders of the Lost Ark in powers, but I've yet to decide. I seem to recall some speculation of it being a battery able to discharge lightning strikes, holy damage certainly. Have to think about it though. This is probably the most powerful artifact of the bunch, however...


I will probably need to add one more hunting rifle, a carbine, a full shot gun, a couple more pistols, a Bowie knife, a Civil War sabre. I chose the Sharpes rifle, single shot, ball and percussion cap, but excellent for long range accuracy and preferred weapon of mountain men and buffalo hunters. The Henry was a fairly common rifle and 16 shot repeater. The sawed off shotgun may not have been as common as a full length shotgun, but is quite iconic. I had to include a Peacemaker and a Derringer. I'll create a separate Native weapons chart.

Edit: updated the image, everything mentioned above except for one less revolver and hunting rifle - I call this done!

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Native American Weapons Chart:

Native American Bow
- used by all tribes, with varying arrowheads from flint to steel.

Great Plains Throwing Lance - used from Canada to Texas, Missippi to the Rocky Mountains, with reused Mexican spearpoints.

Ojibwe Deer Leg Effigy War Club - hardwood with burled elbow and ball, resembles an Elk's leg.

Cree/Osage Gunstock Axe - favored war axe using gunstock bases as excellent weighted war club axe.

Battle Tomahawk - used primarily for melee fighting, can be thrown, but not perfectly balanced.

Throwing Tomahawk - balanced for throwing.

All Carbines - preferred firearm of tribal peoples as it's lightweight, lever-action, repeating rifle able to be wielded from horseback.

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I've got 18 artifacts completed for Gothic Western, but here's a sampling of some of the more interesting one...

Here's Toro de Toledo, the bull skull that's integrated with the setting logo, a major artifact controls the rage of pack animals and cattle on ranches where this skull is mounted on the wall.

The Olde Kentucky Moonshiner Still, creates the cleanest, strongest, most nail biting taste of any moonshine, can be used to create potions of strength, healing, but always integrated wtih the moonshine (minor artifact).

The Chaos Train, believed to be the largest artifact constructed to date, developed within the last decade, when a disgruntled train engineer designer was recruited by the Order of Oblivion using secrets from Pythagrium. This train can take attached cars of people to the planes of Chaos, even the Far Realm... (major artifact).


old kentucky still.jpg
Chaos Train.jpg


Four Indigenous Artifacts - 2 major and 2 minor.

Hopi Spirit Loom - This large loom once was attached to the main central supports of the lodgehouse it once inhabited. Women of the adobe town would gather holding their own pastoral rituals, dances and ceremonies, singing the old songs and weaving on the great loom of the house. It is said the intertwined lives of family and village are boud with the woven colored fibers, each representing a different spirit as it travels on the path of life across the great tapestry, that they control and keep safe and on the path… (major artifact).

Dog Soldier Thrower Tomahawk - A finely made Tomahawk with rainbow damascus axhead, jade rings. It functions like a +3 Dwarven Thrower, a returning weapon when thrown, causes 1d6 damage, 60 ft. range. If wielder is a dog soldier causes an additional 1d6 damage per strike. If the opponent as Unclean or undead, it takes an additional 2d6 damage, damage can be bludgeoning or slashing, must be declared before thrown. It and it’s wielder is immune to Taint. This item is typically carried by the current chief the Dog Soldiers military order, which is currently Tall Bull. Taboo: if wielder has ever killed a Cheyenne or Lakota person, only functions as a normal tomahawk

Shoshone War Tomtom - A finely made peace pipe was crafted by a medicine man for the purpose of establishing a peace treaty between Iroquois and the Pottawatomi tribes and used in the ritual establishing it. There are separate rythmns for a call to war, peace, and establishing a peace treaty. Those who hear it, know which rythmn to call to action. All treaties established using the Shoshone war tom tom, have thus far been maintained. The first treaty in it’s use, the treaty has not been broken in over 100 years, no treaty has ever been so strong. Further agreements were made cosummated by smoking this pipe and they too remain unbroken. Ritualizing any agreement with the smoking of this pipe demands surety by all parties for all time. (minor artifact).

Algonquin Treaty Peace Pipe - A finely made peace pipe was crafted by a medicine man for the purpose of establishing a peace treaty between Iroquois and the Pottawatomi tribes and used in the ritual establishing it. That treaty has not been broken in over 100 years, no treaty has ever been so strong. Further agreements were made cosummated by smoking this pipe’and they too remain unbroken. Ritualizing any agreement with the smoking of this pipe demands surety by all parties for all time. (minor artifact).

shoshone tomtom.jpg


An ancient pueblo culture site made into a living setting, usable as an illustration if not a module based on it - it certainly deserves that treatment. As stated on my last post, I've been trying to create an adobe cliff dwelling for about 3 years now, all previously failed. Mostly because I couldn't get the cliff inset to look right. I even included my Hopi Spirit loom, some water container supports, and a native guarding the lookout point. The path up the cliffside is memorized by those who live here, but are not obvious to those who do not know, and probably cannot ascend. The steep face is such that attackers must use both their hands and feet just to climb and not fight, so very few defenders are necessary to defend it - as long as there's enough food and water... enjoy!

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Well all the authenticity aside, Gothic Western is going to need illustrations depicting eldritch horrors from unfathomable eons crawling forth in nauseating undulations that only cause one to shudder than to bolt for their lives...


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