D&D 5E Gracklestugh pronunciation?

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I like saying "Grackle stew."

Which is something I start wondering about every year around October and November as the damn birds start perching all over the transmission lines at major intersections.


Grack-el-stuff? I admit, i hadn't even considered that one, but I totally see it.

I've always rhymed the "-stugh" with the name "Hugh" (hyoo). And "-stoog" is just just as fine to go with.


Thanks everybody for your help!

I am surprised to find "-oog" is the official pronunciation as terminal "-gh" is pronounced differently than "-g" in English; I was expecting answers ending in "-f" or "-h" sounds or maybe "-k". I guess I should expect weird spellings from the realm that brought us Dr'izz't Do'Urde'n'''.

I like "grackle-stuh-ch" (pr like "loch", or for the non-scots out there, like you've just hawked up a loogy) - sounds sufficiently harsh for the duergar.

How, incidentally, does one pronounce "duergar", anyway? I always pronounce it "dwhirr-gar", though I've heard "durgar" often. It could even be "joor-gar".

On a side note, "svirfneblin" always make me think they talk like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. "Vurdy vurdy vurd".


I guess I always read it as straightforward as possible: DOO-er-gar. But that does tend to slur into DUR-gar.


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I have to add hyphens between the syllables in all the Kuo-Toa words in order to be able to say them (or even read them in my head). Even then, I usually just say the first syllable and let the rest trail off as a blub-blub-gurgle-gurgle mutter. Which actually works well.

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