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D&D 5E Grappling Dragons


Story Time!

Had a blast at my DND group on Saturday. Our DM, my little brother (19), wrote his own campaign and we've been playing through it, complete with side quests and a 1-20 main "Save the world" quest. We started at level 1, and when we got to level 4, we reached a point where our characters joined a Dragon Hunter guild (that was founded a hundred years ago by our precious characters from our last campaign. Some of whom are now NPCs. Very fun.).

Anyway, at this point he let us have an extra character slot (he's very in to games like Destiny) that we can use for a backup character, and can switch between them in between missions.

So, I decided to try a new concept.

Meet Drake, a Silver Dragon blooded human Sorcerer. I rolled crazy high stats, in front of the DM, getting 17, 17, 16, 16, 11, 10. So I decided to play around with the concept instead of optimizing.

I put 17 in dex and cha, pushing them to 18 with the human traits, 16 in Str and Con, and the rest in Wis and Int. Then at first level took the Tavern Brawler feat, pushing Con to 17, and at fourth took The Brawny feat from, pushing str to 17 (at level 8, I'll push str and Con to 18).

So basically this dragon sorcerer is jacked. He somewhat of a playful drunk, almost a Jack Sparrow type, who loved a good fist fight before his dragon blood awakened. He goes shirtless most of the time, showing off the silver dragon scales on his back and shoulders

He took Enhance Ability so he could have adv on Strength checks, and as a Mercenary Vet, has prof in Athletics, so that means he is double prof with Athletics from the Brawny feat.

Anywho, our first mission to be initiated into the dragon slayer guild was to kill a dragon (shocking!). Turned out to be a young red shadow dragon.

After getting initially thrown around by the dragon, we got out of the cave into the sunlight, then one of our member critted his taunt to get it to attack him. I had cast Enhance Ability on myself, giving myself advantage on Strength Checks, and readied an action to grapple the dragon on its way out of the cave. (Should have done Enlarge instead. Oh well.)

With advantage and a +7 Athletics check, I grappled it. It's only a Large Creature, so I was able to do it, and since the party Paladin had cast Sanctuary on me, the Dragon had a hard time attacking me.

So I kept the large Wyrm grappled to the ground while my teammates wailed on it. It had already used its Breath attack, and didn't recharge. Since it was grappled, it's speed was 0, so it couldn't fly away. It couldn't reach my allies, and had to do a wisdom saving throw to even target me, so all it did every round was try to break the grapple, but since I had advantage and a +7, that didn't happen. Three rounds later, and it was dead.

The Dragon Guild said it was a textbook Dragon hunt. We all felt glorious.

Until we went into the dragons cave and found it's loot. Since we weren't supposed to kill this CR 13 creature with five level 4 characters (the dragon slayers were going to help later), the DM randomly rolled loot for the Dragons CR, not our level. We got a Manual of Bodily Health I'm arguing with another character for right now, a crystal ball (the very rare kind), and a candle of invocation, which can provide either limited buffs for a while, or cast Gate once. Whatever. We're going by Adventure League Rules, and so the only thing left to contend is this Manual of Bodily Health, which would put me at a 19 Con. We'll see who wins.

However, the DM decided to do a random roll to see what other baddies were in the cave and critted on it. So while we were shoving all 11,000 gold pieces into a portable hole we'd bought for the heist we'd done in the last session, another young red Shadow Dragon showed up, thanked us for killing its rival, and proceeded to blow fire on us, nearly killing half of us and leaving only two guys standing.

Needless to say, we were a little miffed our victory was being stolen from us based on a random roll that came from a whim. And we said so, but the DM said, "You guys killed the first dragon barely breaking a sweat. Figure it out."

Since this is somewhat of a Monty Haul campaign ( and we're loving it), one of the magical items the DM had given us previously was a home brew set of Plate Armor that could cast Wall of Force once per day. Thankfully, the guy wearing it was one of the two still alive, so he cast it as a sphere around us to give us time to think. They healed the Paladin with a potion of healing (our last) and he healed the rest of us.

But then what? We had no health, no way to get to the surface facing a fresh Shadow Dragon in the dark.

Then one of us decided to light the Candle of Invocation and use it on cast Gate, which takes us to another plane of existence. Since my character is originally from The Forgotten Realms Faerun, that's the only place we could think of going.

So as the dragon tried to break through the Wall of Force, we opened a gateway to Faerun and left it behind. The candle is useless, and we are only level 4. We don't have access to Plane Shift.

So the DM took months writing this campaign, spends hours every week before we play writing out the individual quests, and in three sessions we Plane Shift to a setting he doesn't know, and I have 0 sympathy because he decided to put two CR 13 creatures against a level 4 party.

All in all, it was pretty amazing.

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Oh this is where the title goes?
Just FYI, grappling is a type of attack, so sanctuary shouldn't have worked by the rules. But it sounds like a fun fight, so who cares? :)


Interesting, and true! Oh well, it never came up because he never tried to hit me, he just tried to break the grapple.

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First Post
... and that's why putting a single boss monster up against a group of PC's, doesn't often work out for the BBEG (very reminiscent of my current campaign, where a youngish red dragon was wiped out by my players who roped in hobgoblin archers, and good role-play that appealed to its draconic vanity followed up by a huge diplomacy roll provoked the dragon into a foolish charge from which it couldn't recover quick enough).