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5E Greyhawk Adventures in 5th Edition


Hey guys,

I want to (bluntly) promote my new fansite regarding the World of Greyhawk. :)

Many of you might know that the original setting of D&D was Greyhawk made by Gary Gygax, the inventor of D&D. The seasoned veterans might have even played in the setting while the newer generation knows Forgotten Realms.

Greyhawk is an amazing world lots of intrigue, politics and feudalism, paired with the classic fights begween good and evil, as well as neutral wizards trying to balance the powers (Mordenkainen etc.)

Sadly, Wizards of the Coast has no plans to reintroduce the setting into 5th edition and many old modules are hard to convert.

This is where my site comes into play.

I produly present to you Welcome to Greyhawk Adventures 5e! - Frogsama's Greyhawk Adventures

I will produce one adventure a month, either part of a campaign path or a one-shot/sidequest adventure. Additionally, I want to write a blog about lore of Greyhawk and mechanics challenges that come with 5th edition and the world.

My first adventure, "Sickness of the Gnarley Forest" for 2nd level characters is a 45 page book consisting 8 battle maps, an overview map, 9 detailled NPCs and 3 additional monsters/npc stat blocks. And everything for free.

Furthermore, I will post in my blog on my website every monday and friday talking about homebrew mechanics for Greyhawk as well as famous persons of the setting with updated 5e stat blocks. This week we will talk about the Rest System and Mordenkainen.

I hope you are not to appalled by my blatant advertisement as I simply want to share my love for the setting while producing great content.

So long I hope to see you in the Green Dragon Inn,

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This is awesome. I like the fact you are using the FTA period.Like the adventure and map of the domain as well! Thanks for posting.


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thanks for doing this. I do think you're wrong about the quoted part.
I mean Ghosts of Saltmarsh is set in Greyhawk according to all the adventure text.

It has the Scarlet Brotherhood, is set on the Azure Sea and the Dreadwood is right nearby. It doesn't get much more Greyhawk than those locations and the Scarlet Brotherhood!

Either way, cool site and thanks for sharing.


So a few notes-

1. You should probably have your blog posts (at the least most recent one) be the home or "splash" page. In other words, people should be drawn into the website. Your home (splash) page isn't very inviting.

2. I'm unclear on the purpose/basis for the project. There is a wide variety of Greyhawk materials- from the Folio to the '83 boxed set to the hardcover GHA (all 1e) to later materials for 2e and 3e, to the excellent stuff on Canonfire. You first blog post explicitly compares it to 2e, which is ... a choice! I'm curious why you made that choice for your project. For example, I would try to use 1983 1e as my baseline for any GH project, because I'd be using the boxed set and Folio, along with pre-1983 Dragon articles, and published material from that date and before. But you should probably have a section detailing why you are making the specific 2e choice (after all, there are people who love the 3e GH stuff, too).

3. That's pretty much it. Good luck!
Hey lowkey! Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it a lot. I get what you mean with the splash page. Maybe I will put in some inbound links to guide people to the newest content.
To the second thing, it is mostly because my adventures are in the From the Ashes timeline and that is 2e. Should mention is somewhere for sure :)


So guys,

I just published my second adventure on my website (you can find it here), i wondered:

What kind of adventures in the world of greyhawk were your favorites? (Doesn't matter if homebrew or module)

What kind of adventures are missing that you would like me to make for the setting in 5e?

What topics do you would like to read about Greyhawk regarding conversion in 5th Edition?

I appreciate all feedback, past greyhawk stories from our grognards, help etc. :)




I crit!
Barrier Peaks. Tooling around the City of Greyhawk. The Desert series. Hamlet. Though I wasn’t a big fan of t4. I do love the idea of Tharisdun.


Barrier Peaks. Tooling around the City of Greyhawk. The Desert series. Hamlet. Though I wasn’t a big fan of t4. I do love the idea of Tharisdun.
I'm totally on board with your suggestions, my next adventure will focus on the Domain of Greyhawk for now, especially the Free City.

On another note, I wrote a new blog entry about the Greyhawk's Human Races. So if you want to make a Baklunish or Suel character the same way you make a wood elf, you may do so now.

I would love any feedback, also if you have suggestions for new Mechanics Mondays or Fellow Fridays, just shoot them in my directiom.

See you in the Green Dragon Inn,


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