D&D General [Greyhawk] Oerth Journal Magazine coming in PRINT!


How long has it been since you actually got a PRINT magazine in your mailbox?

Thought I would post a note here about a neat project.
The Oerth Journal has been coming out variably since '95. It's a a quarterly magazine with all kinds of content about the World of Greyhawk, the original world created by Gary Gygax of Dungeons& Dragons.
It is a free PDF, but, Greyhawk Online, the publisher, has begun a project to support GHO and the OJ, by putting out special editions of the magazine in PRINT.
You can always get the Oerth Journal whenever you like, but, the last chance to get in on the print edition current issue is coming up!

If you join and make a pledge to support the project, you'll get issue #32 in your mailbox!
It's only $9.95 every 90 days!
That's, like, $3 a month for 48 pages of Greyhawk Content!!!

Take a look, and go to the Print Edition Patreon site, and get yours today!

OJ32 Cover_THUMB SMALL.png

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