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Gygax Magazine? [UPDATE 3 - Electric Boogaloo]


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We expect the members of the Gygax family - ALL of them - to be treated with the utmost respect on these boards. This does not say you have to agree with what they do, but the moderation staff isn't going to give anyone much leeway into making things personal and insulting.

I hope that's abundantly clear. Any questions, please take them to e-mail or PM with a moderator. Thanks.

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Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
While I think a lot of folk understand this already, since there may be some confusion.

It should be made clear that Gygax magazine has no rights to any of Gary's non-WoTC owned IP, that is all still owned by Trigee/Gygax Games/Gail Gygax. She is not involved or working with them in this endeavor at all. Since the term "Gygax" and "Gygax family" can be confusing in this context, I just needed to clear that up.

If anybody has questions for Gail on this, you can reach her on her Facebook page).

I didn't read that as her stopping them, but as her clarifying that the magazine had nothing to do with her or Gygax estate (which some might assume).

Folks might want to clarify that Gail means the E. Gary Gygax *SENIOR* Estate since whatever Erinie has counts as an estate too. ;) :D My best to Gail and Luke and Ernie and all on this and any gaming ventures including this new magazine and the memorial project and the Gary Con events and the Castle Zagyg project and many, many more. We need more of this stuff, not less, and all of it will be better received in an atmosphere of peaceful cross-supported cooperation. Life's too short for it to be otherwise.


What? Me Worry?
That'd send entirely the wrong message. "I totally don't support *their* work. But *my* work is going like this..." No, that's horrible PR.

In general, a professional doesn't want to have to touch what will appear like a family matter in public. To mix in project status reports would be... downright unseemly. She should save such announcements for another time.

I'm sorry; I will bow to your expertise as a professional PR person. All I can say as a potential customer wanting to spend my money, is that any update at all would be welcome. Given that this is the first statement I've seen from Mrs. Gygax in while, I didn't think it unreasonable to ask about that project.


First Post
This is becoming a disturbing trend in gaming.
At GenCon this year, Red Brick announced that they were becoming FASA, reviving that old dead company name.
Now we see TSR getting the zombie treatment.
I have to say I'm not a fan of this trend. New FASA is not, and can not be old FASA. A FASA without Shadowrun and Battletech is ... well it feels like false advertising.
Same can be said about this new TSR imo. If TSR doesn't have D&D, then it's not really the TSR we knew and loved.
At which point it just feels like your'e preying on nostalgia.
In wrestling terms, it's a cheap pop.

In general I agree with this sentiment. Luke and Ernie Gygax being involved makes me inclined to think otherwise in this case.

I have hopes that with Tim Kask's involvement this venture will have a lot of the broad gaming market vibe that the original The Dragon had when he was the editor. I'd like to see them look at the board games/war games and miniatures game markets as well as rpgs, like The Dragon used to. Heck they even ran some video game reviews back in the day, why not now?

I really miss magazines like the old Dragon and White Dwarf that were gamer inclusive rather than house organs and silos of gaming specialization. I'd even put up with articles on d20 if the magazine is eclectic enough in its content.


Harmonious Outcomes

It is my hope that all members of the Gygax family and their supporters can find a place of agreement such that the RPG populace can find renewed hope in the hobby, for future generations, led by the name Gygax.

I was in contact with Gary shortly before his demise, back in the Castles & Crusades days during the compilation of "Castle Zagyg". There may be Unfinished Business, but it is best to begin anew. Perhaps this is what the recent activity might accomplish, if it is not thwarted by silly conflicts.

I have great respect for what has been accomplished in the past and look forward to that which will be accomplished in the future. It would be particularly gratifying to see an excellent new game come forth from this that bears the Gygax name, something that is not "retro" and relegated to ancient dusty shelves in the back of history-minded gaming stores.

Were all energy to be focused on such an outcome, life would be richer for all of us.

Wow join Apr 04, one post! Welcome from the lurking shadows lordmhor :D

I think it is cool to have another mag out there, esp with the demise of KQ, I hope it goes well.


Sincere Lurking

Wow join Apr 04, one post! Welcome from the lurking shadows lordmhor :D

I think it is cool to have another mag out there, esp with the demise of KQ, I hope it goes well.

My vow of silence here has finally been broken because this news is, in my mind, that significant. Now that the dam has been released, more posts are likely to follow.

I could only manage silence here for eight years. I've been making lots of noise everywhere else... :D

Flexor the Mighty!

18/100 Strength!
I sure hope there are no legal issues to mess this up. Really looking forward to it. A general RPG magazine is somethign I've been looking forward to for a long time.


'Read Dragon magazine four hundred times thread' is round about the most repeatedly read content on EN. So I'm not getting the Fugees - more Pink Floyd :p

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