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Pathfinder 1E Halfling Wedding Gifts

You've been invited to a halfling wedding and are expected to bring a gift. What do you bring? The loving couple also happen to be a couple of leg breakers for the local organized crime family. And the whole family is involved.

(Yes, I am trying to fish for ideas to add to my party's loot. ;) )

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Silver tableware for two (flatware, plates, cups)

Quality bread and cheese knife set with marble cutting/serving board

A Pug Puppy in a basket


Is this a good opportunity to add some flavor to the world that separates halfling culture from others? Perhaps halfling weddings are about food and flowers that symbolize whatever. Maybe it is more the elaborate baskets that each family makes to bring the food in and not as much about the food. Showing thought and time to make something is always appreciated more than just spending money (just ask mom), maybe more if you have it and are in the Family.

That aside, I can also think that halflings would like to get more comfort items. A pair of fine slippers made from exotic fur, or a new garden coat embroidered with the family crest. I think those would be generally better than a new smoking pipe made from ivory or jeweled scabbard.

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