Ham String feat

James McMurray

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I don't have my books here. Does the Ham String feat in Song and Silence allow multiple uses? i.e. can you hit a guy twice and ham string him twice, thus reducing his movement even further?

As a corollary, could multiple opponents ham string someone once each for combined effects?

Thanks in advance!

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I am tomeless also. However if someone simply states the text it should become obvious. If it says penalty, then penalties don't stack, if it says loss or sth similar then it will stack.

Sensically it shouldn't stack more than twice but we can't have that for simplicity. Once and once only I say - although once per leg would be a fun ruling.


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Multiple hamstringings don't stack, except in the case of a quadruped or similar, where you have to hamstring it twice to reduce its speed. In other words, each instance of hamstringing affects two legs and all of a creature's legs must be affected to reduce its speed.

This is explained in the Song & Silence FAQ.

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