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I am the mysterious professor.
The temperature Wednesday night should be down around 37. My mom says I need to cover my plants. Suppose it's good they're all in pots. Would moving them onto the porch be enough?


I am the mysterious professor.
It's open on 3 sides. It's probably just as cold as the yard. I thought since frost is cold dew, protecting from that would be enough. Is it the cold air that is the problem? I always thought plants were covered only if it were freezing or below.

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Well, the ground radiates some heat, so that may be part of the equation when covering plants. In a hard freeze, it could actually freeze the water IN the plant, just like it does with pipes. We lost 15+ shrubs to that freak cold snap.

But I think if they’re not exposed to precipitation and it only hits 37, they might do find on the porch. Question is, then, can you afford the gamble?

If not, cover them or get them inside fo the night.


I am the mysterious professor.
The monetary investment in the actual plants is not that high. Even the time invested at this moment isn't that high. What would be the greatest loss is the grow time. If the plants needed replacement then you're probably starting over. I'm thinking it might be ok if it's just the one night.

I was just thinking often a front that brings that drastic change in temperature also has rain. The high today is 76. Tomorrow 56. Or is it only a warm front coming in to cold brings rain?
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I am the mysterious professor.
Around here on flag poles the ubiquitous American flag is there. You'll almost always see a combination of the following; Confederate battle flag, Don't Tread On Me, Trump. I saw a new one, a mask with red circle and line through it. Someone spent a lot of money on this huge flag.

Just put the damn mask on. :rant::rant:

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