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I am the mysterious professor.
Say you're a black woman and your boss calls you into her office and tells you your hairstyle can be intimidating to others. What would you think?

This is the hairstyle.

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In college we had a teacher whom was a wicked tease. Dressed sexy, smiled in that way, wore a mini-skirt then sat on a table.....open legged.....

I had a teacher sort of like that in college - not a tease, but she had a habit of sitting on her desk while teaching, and she wore miniskirts... Nice legs, too.

I had the hots for a hot teacher in middle school. I think most of the guys did for her. She wasn’t even provocative, she was just youngish, fit and could hold authority among teens.

My eighth grade English teacher, Mrs. Hess... She wasn't so much hot as just pretty, but she was an awesome teacher and a lot of the guys had a crush on her.

On the other side of things, my freshman Honors Biology teacher had an obvious crush on me... More than once when the lights were out while we were watching a short film I caught her looking at me. She was kind of on the heavy side, but she was this sort of cute blonde surfer chick type. Biology was one of my favorite subjects in school, and on the way out of class, I'd often stop to ask her some really intelligent questions, which I'm sure contributed to her crush on me - and I will admit to taking the opportunity to subtly flirt with her, lol. (On an unrelated note, if you got close enough to her desk you could sometimes smell booze in her can of Coke, lol.)
I'm sure her crush on me was at least a tiny bit relevant to the fact that I got an A- in that class despite literally falling asleep in class on a regular basis - two days a week it was right after gym class, and the ragweed all around the gym field would set off an allergy attack, sometimes causing me to pass out, lol.
At one of the school dances my senior year we hung out and talked for close to an hour, and at the end of the year when she signed my yearbook she wrote "To the man who comes alive after the sun goes down..." :cool:
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I am the mysterious professor.
Many books and documentaries have been made about American hostility towards “blackness”.
I think I'm aware of at least one book.

You Can't Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain You Can't Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain: Robinson, Phoebe, Williams, Jessica: 9780143129202: Amazon.com: Books

I admit I have a dislike for some of the stereotypical body ornamentations like nails, grills, (especially the more outlandish ones) and the "crazy" hairstyles. I don't think of it as racist mainly because I wouldn't like it on anyone. I like girls that dye their hair odd colors, but many other things I see as gaudy no matter who it is.
Would culturalist be a word? Would it be just as bad? It's something I'm aware of and trying to improve on.

Her day job is a dentist office with high end clients. Pro athletes and the such. I can understand having limits but that hairstyle, in my opinion, wasn't too much. It looked nice on her.


I am the mysterious professor.
I had used tires put on my car again today. Cost $200. Depending on the tires, if I went with new it might cost $700-$1600. I drive 1500 +/- miles every week. I will, without a doubt, have to change tires at least once a year. New tires have added expenses like alignment. I started to think I might do better just getting used tires. I'll have to do it more often possibly every 4 to 6 months. It doesn't take long to knock the wheels out of alignment so I don't see the point of doing it.

The cons I see. Getting tires more frequently. They deal in cash and don't provide receipts for taxes.

Pro. Lower cost. Helping a local small business?

Hivemind time. What do you think?

I'm thinking it might pay for your time to drive to Vermont to buy your tires. High end tires might cost 200 apiece. Is it a SVU? then maybe 325 a tire.

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