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On a site restricted to people with spinal injuries / conditions there was someone promoting "Be Happy- Be positive" He has the best up to date power wheelchairs, brand new handicap truck. His family is super supportive. I can't even get a decent manual wheelchair, no ramp so I can't leave the house, can't afford a special van. I have ehhhhhh..... questionable support at home.

To top things off the doctors have no idea what is wrong with me and its spreading and getting worse. And of course I have my depression and anxiety condition.

He inferred life is good because he is positive. I said the lack of money , equipment and support makes that impossible.

Others attacked me and said I'm a hater.

My son says welcome to social media


second birthdate : 15 Dec 2011
Count me in on the "you ain't the hater, they are just privileged" crew, here.

It has been less dificult for me because of my service time, so I had a good medical support, as well as family support.


My friend told me the reason she doesn't do business with Amazon is because they sell a sex doll of Elizabeth Smart as a child. Amazon refused to remove them from the store. Her story sounded as fishy as Elizabeth Smart's abduction story. The only conspiracy theory I buy into is they made it up to hide her pregnancy.

I did some Google searches. There were child dolls but none resembled Elizabeth Smart. A mother claims one doll resembled her daughter, and Amazon removed it within 4 days of her finding out about it. Elizabeth Smart is involved in this using her celebrity status to try to bring awareness to it. The news stories are vastly different from what was reported to me.
This is not the first time someone told me a story that didn't match the facts but swore it was the truth nonetheless.


Speak of evil slave driving megacorps. I went to the Walmart health clinic yesterday. I was looking for a new primary care provider. They're super nice. The nurse practitioner is a cute blond southern belle. I thought the whole thing was positive over all. They can handle primary healthcare, dental and vision all in one place. A woman there to see the Dr. decided she needed to see the eye dr., they made an appointment on the spot to see him when her appointment ended so she didn't have to come back.

The only negative is I had a slight feeling the nurse practitioner was doing some up selling. She wanted to do a number of labs. But she's willing to spread them over the next couple of visits. She wants me to come back in a month.
I don't think she was up selling, it's just the feeling I got for a moment.

Unlike the clinic I had been going to, it appears I'll have the same provider. At the old clinic I never saw the same provider more than twice. It's a Christian charity so it was very Jesusey there.

It's more expensive at Walmart but it's closer to home, and I feel I can get more consistent care there. I'm going to see about making a dental appointment. I haven't seen a dentist in years.


Diet soda can be destructive
I thought it was the sugar. The nurse practitioner said something about soda being bad for your teeth.

I know I drink an unhealthy amount. It's convenient. Grab a fountain drink at the convenience store is easier to deal with than a bottle with a lid you have unscrew everytime you want a drink. Lift cup, insert straw, drink, lower cup. Oh and it tends to be cheaper.
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