Starfinder Has anyone converted Aether & Flux?


Aether & Flux: Sailing the Traverse was a 2003 d20 supplement published by Dark Furies Publishing. It included rules for space fantasy using magitech, based on two introduced concepts of aether and flux.

Although it took its name from the obsolete scientific hypothesis of luminiferous aether, here "aether" functions like stellar wind. The interstellar aether functions like hyperspace.

Flux behaves like electricity, but serves a similar role to element zero in Mass Effect. It repulses aether, providing propulsion to aetherships when a current is run through ether sails. Other applications include air scrubbing, artificial gravity, and lightning canons.

Has anyone converted these rules to Starfinder as an alternative to scifi technology-based means of space travel?
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Check out the Aethera Campaign Setting. It's for Pathfinder, but would slot in easily enough with Starfinder.
I looked up the aethertech used, and it's not the same thing as flux tech. Aethertech is scifi tech powered by magic crystals. I am looking for an alternative to scifi space travel.

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