Dragonlance Has anyone incorporated Heroes of Krynn boardgame into their Shadow of the Dragon Queen campaign


No, but I run a campaign world that has 'cycles' that repeat (we're on the 4th incarnation of the world) and I do use a Dragonlance board game as part of it. However, it is a bit older ... Dragonlance

There is a point where the PCs get a chance to participate in a party and a group is playing this game - but the stakes of the game are incredibly high.... The players have a chance to be one of the players in the game (either collectively or they appoint someone).

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5ever, or until 2024
If you REALLY want to bore your players, pull out Battlesystem.
Big mass battles with hordes of minis are awesome...well they can be. I have done this a few times (so like once a decade) over the years, with the equivalent of heavily house-ruled versions of those rules.

EDIT: and I still have the counters, which I have used many times.

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