D&D General Have you ever chosen not to accept resurrection?

Personally, in 30 years, I have never had a PC of mine die in a situation where I could be resurrected. Always either died before it became a real option or the setting/game didn't have it or fell into a bottomless pit or thrown out the window of a moving train whilst alone at night or something! That's not counting "not quite dead" resuscitations in stuff like CP2020 or Shadowrun or the like, where I would have been dead without intervention.

With players I've seen it happen several times, once with a TPK so shameful and self-inflicted that I don't think any of them wanted to play those characters again, and a handful of times where a PC died and could later be resurrected but actually wanted to keep playing the replacement they'd rolled up or to try something new. In my 4E campaign one player wnet through three PCs this way!
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