D&D General Have you ever had a Gnoll PC?

Have you had a Gnoll PC before?

  • I did/do in 5E

    Votes: 4 5.6%
  • A friend did/does in 5E

    Votes: 3 4.2%
  • I did/do in a previous edition

    Votes: 17 23.6%
  • A friend did/does in a previous edition

    Votes: 16 22.2%
  • Nope, never temptrd

    Votes: 23 31.9%
  • My friends never did either

    Votes: 18 25.0%
  • I wasn't tempted before, but now that they say no...

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • Eww, yuck

    Votes: 9 12.5%
  • Gnolls? Is that a Gnome/Troll hybrid?

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I love Gnolls, but haven't played one

    Votes: 14 19.4%

I like gnolls but I don't think I've ever played one, and I don't recall anyone else I've played with playing one either. I made them potentially playable in my current setting. They're naturally occurring cynocephalics and not demon spawn. They're fierce hunters, and sure they might practice human-eating and perhaps even cannibalism, but they're not demon worshipping psychos. Well, except one splinter faction of them was, but the PCs put end to that and are now in good terms with the gnolls who were not so keen on the said demon worshippers taking over their tribe.

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In the 4e campaign I started running before COVID shut everything down and it fell apart, I had each of my players create not only a character but also to outline a kingdom that they were the heir to. The idea being that they were part of a league of nations, with a tradition of sending their princes/princesses out into the world as an 'incognito' adventuring party, touring their realms, righting wrongs and getting to know and help the people they would one day rule. Being my players, they ended up creating a bunch of [pre-emptive censoring]; which seemed about right considering their position. As it happens, the one character among them that was actually a good guy was the heir to a kingdom of Gnolls.


I like them as bad guys, but no, I’ve never played one as a PC and don’t personally know of anyone else who has so I picked the “my friends haven’t either” option.

No one has ever played a gnoll in any game I've been in. Gnolls as a species in my home campaign have always come from a dark place. Most are monstrous raiders, but there are a few exceptions, and I am open to someone playing them as a PC. Even if they are monstrosities. That said, I don't have a problem with gnolls being monstrosities. I have had good aberrant mind flayers, monstrous medusae, even fiends and other monsters as exceptions, and that would be no different for me.

However as a DM, I introduced a lone gnoll female NPC who had joined a cursed pirate crew. Her curse was being good so that she was incompatible with her people's ways and would always be a lone outsider. I was a little twisted when developing her backstory, in that she wanted nothing more than to be a mother, but couldn't stand the evil ways of her people. She became the pirates' "party mom" who whooped enemies if they harmed her adopted "family." I really liked her. She eventually became captain, and an ally of the PCs. Her story arc led to her best friend and first mate being killed, who was then reincarnated by the PCs (randomly as a gnoll!). They fell in love and had a family.

I also introduced one redeemed tribe of humanoid gnolls as NPCs in a separate story. No storyline traction with them though. PC's moved on.


I know for my 5E games, I make the Demon Gnolls the usual monster/5E take on em. For PC Gnolls, we start using the 4E lore and how they resist their demonic side(unless the player is an Evil Gnoll PC) and are more primal spirit worshippers.

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